Top Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Top 10 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

If you are looking to sip away the pounds, smoothies for weight loss are one of the best techniques because you can control the ingredients. You can choose ingredients as per your liking to prepare ... [ Read More ]

High Blood Pressure In Teens

Hypertension In Teenagers

While high blood is normally considered as an “adult problem”, but it can also occur in teenagers. The incidence of high blood pressure among teens is increasing. The most probable reasons for this ... [ Read More ]

What Causes High Blood Pressure

What Can Cause High Blood Pressure

In this article you will find what is blood pressure, normal blood pressure range and what are the risk factors and causes that develop high blood pressure. What is Blood Pressure ? The heart ... [ Read More ]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight ?

How Do I Lose Weight

I am asked this question by someone or other, almost every day. “Despite doing everything right, why it’s not working for me. I’m eating less, eating healthier and working out more, but still why am I ... [ Read More ]

Alcohol And High Blood Pressure

Alcohol And High Blood Pressure

Does Alcohol Cause High Blood Pressure? If you drink too much alcohol, it can affect your blood pressure and raise it to unhealthy levels. Drinking more than three drinks in one sitting increases ... [ Read More ]