Our recommended best foods for weight loss can help you shed lots of body weight. The secret behind these superfoods is that they make you feel full longer and curb your cravings.

Some even boost up your metabolism or help to burn your calories fast. They not only help you lose weight, but also help to strengthen your bones, prevent chronic diseases and improve your overall heath.

Next time when you go for shopping carry this list. They all are superfoods for weight loss. But you should not focus on any one of them. Start each week by introducing a few more foods out of this list. Keep rotating them.

Our Recommended Best Weight Loss Foods

1. Apples – Best Food For Weight Loss: An apple a day can help you stop gaining weight. Go for a crunchy apple instead of its juice. Whole fruits lessen appetite in a way that fruit juices can’t.

Apples are low in all of the things that make you gain weight, like calories, fat and sodium. Other reason is that they have good amount of fiber that prevent your urge to eat in between meals. Moreover chewing sends signals to your brain that you have eaten enough.

The bonus is that the antioxidants present in apples help avert metabolic syndrome, a condition that cause excess belly fat.

2. Soup: Start a meal with vegetable soup. It can be chunky or pureed. Make it broth based and don’t add cream or butter to it. A recent study shows that if you start your meal with a soup, you will eat 20% less calories over the course of your meal.

3. Oats – Best Weight Loss Food: Oats are packed with fiber. Consume a portion of oats in your breakfast, as part of a low calories diet to keep you feel full for longer and help kick up your metabolism, thereby burning more fat. It also caters your body with slow-release of natural energy during course of the day.

Not just a source of fiber, the antioxidants and other minerals present in the oats make it a perfect choice. And if lowering cholesterol is also your aim then it is a great choice to cut cholesterol levels.

4. Eggs and Sausage: When you eat high-protein breakfast, you feel fuller right away and that too for longer duration. That makes you munch less on fatty, sugary foods or other snacks than those who have cereal for breakfast. So don’t give a bad rap to the eggs when thinking of weight loss. Enjoy eggs in your breakfast – yolks and all! They will not hurt your heart, but they can contribute a lot in your endeavor to trim inches.

5. Lentils: Lentils help in flattening your belly. They are rich source of satiating protein and fiber. They also provide you with resistant starch, a healthy carb to kick up metabolism helping to burn fat fast.

The fiber portion of lentils will help your blood sugar levels from spiking, which otherwise can cause your body to produce extra fat, especially in the abdominal area.

Lentils contribute in processing of carbs more efficiently and help in managing your cholesterol levels. For vegetarians they are boon, being a rich source of protein.

6. Kidney / Red / Black / White / Garbanzo Beans: They are good source of satisfying protein and fiber, while remaining low in calories. They are slow to digest, which would mean they will stop you from eating more. Because of their high fiber content they help to regulate sugar levels and help with your digestion. The high protein content helps toning up your muscles also.

Kidney, white and Garbanzo (chickpeas) beans are rich in fat-blasting resistant starch, a healthy carb that kicks up metabolism.

7. Wild Salmon: Salmon, like mackerel, is a good source of lean protein and packed with omega-3 and fatty acids. On the face of it, you might think it contains too much fat to be a superfood for weight loss. If you research, you will find it does not contain high saturated fat, the type you find in fast foods. The omega-3 and fatty acids not only make it heart healthy food, but it trims your waist line too.

Omega-3 fatty acids regulate your insulin sensitivity – that works to build muscles and reduces waist line. More muscles mean your body will burn more calories.

Eat it grilled or steamed with a bit of lemon, to keep fat content low. .

8. Berries: They are truly called – tiny but mighty. Berries are packed with antioxidants and fiber. Bonus point is they are low in calories. Just one cup of berries make you feel full with 4-6 grams of fiber. They help body in breaking down fats and sugars, so it’s not only you lose general weight, but the fat also.

All berries are good, but we specially recommend blue and raspberries for their very high antioxidant and fiber contents. They taste amazing too – put a handful into your bowl, add oats and low fat milk or yogurt. Alternatively, have them in fruit salad or a smoothy, but without adding sugar to them.

9. Natural or Greek Yogurt: Go for low-fat plain yogurt to cut down on saturated animal fats. You can use low fat plain yogurt in place of mayonnaise in chicken or baked potato salad with a bit of lemon juice. Opt for Greek yogurt that has more protein than the other varieties.

Yogurt helps in keeping your sugar levels steady.

10. Avocado: Don’t be scared by the fat content (about 28 grams) in an avocado. All fats are not the same – good fats in fact help in losing weight. It contains oleic acid, a compound, that is heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. It enhances satiety and makes it one of the best weight loss foods.

As avocado contains lot of calories, so take care to include in your diet only a quarter to half of an avocado and volla! Your belly fat will slowly melt away.

11. Green Tea Weight Loss: The steamy sips of green tea not only hydrate your body, but can help you feel full and shed pounds. Moreover, the packed antioxidants in green tea will kick up your metabolism, boost-up your fat burn and contribute to loss of calories.

Green tea contains a compound called polyphenols that causes annihilation of triglycerides that makes it one of the best weight loss foods plus bonus is that you lose most of the weight around your middle.

Make it sure to consume green tea, as it’s not as processed as the other teas, and so much of its good properties are retained, such as antioxidants and phytonutrients.

12. Quinoa: This whole grain is packed with fiber and protein, a combo that keeps you full longer on fewer calories, curbing hunger. It’s all-in-one grain that contains protein, fiber, B vitamins and complex carbohydrate, and thus rightly called a complete grain. Eating quinoa will not only kick-up your metabolism, but help you also to burn fat around your middle.

Have you ever tried it? If not what are you waiting for? To get into shape fast, eat quinoa instead of cereal for breakfast. It will help you feel full and bonus points are that it doesn’t have a lot of calories, and comes low on Glycemic index score as well!

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13. Tomatoes: They contain fiber, low on calories and give you that full feeling. Packed with antioxidants, but help you lose weight. They are known for their ability to reduce inflammation and water retention in the body. Tomatoes also have been found to have the ability to reverse leptin resistance, a kind of protein which helps to manage metabolic rate and appetite, so it can help us to shed the extra weight.

14. Broccoli: It’s known for its cancer fighting property, but with a punch of filling fiber it can prevent weight gain also. Besides that it lowers your cholesterol levels, which helps in solving many heart problems.

15. Pears: Pears contain number of benefits, including weight loss properties. Just one pear can provide you with 15% of your daily fiber requirement, which gives you a feeling of fullness and aids in digestion. They contain high pectin  compound (natural fruit sugar) also, which makes this juicy fruit a healthy diuretic and help you in getting rid of unwanted water retention. Consume them in whole, as the skin is where all that fiber is hiding.

Include above best foods for weight loss in your diet to lose weight. If you know of other foods that can help weight loss, please mention them under comments below to share with our other readers.