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Are Saturated Fats Bad?

Is Saturated Fat Bad For You

In this article, you will find whether saturated fat is bad or good, how much should you eat and best alternatives to saturated fat to reduce risk of heart disease or getting obese. For years...
Best Foods For Building Muscle

Best Muscle Building Foods

I was bitten by the fitness bug very late in my life – at the age of 64. The first thing I did was, I joined a gym in my neighborhood. It has now...
Weight Loss For Women

Losing Weight Fast For Women

If you want to lose fat for an upcoming event next month, the first thing come to your mind will be a crash-dieting program. And if you follow such a plan not only you...
best ingredients for healthy smoothies

Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

Smoothie is an all purpose food-drink, whether it’s your breakfast or you need a snack or even dessert. It’s an ideal way to compensate for any shortfall in your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. For...
How to Lose Belly Fat if You Are Over 50

Reducing Belly Fat After 50

Does the size of your mid-section impact how long you will live? Read on here for the answer and also to learn tricks that are effective in reducing belly fat after 50, whether you are...
Total Fitness Family Foods

Total Family Fitness Super Foods

We have talked to some top diet experts to find out what are the best super foods for whole family fitness. We have picked up 12 top most healthy-food items that you should be...
How to Lose Weight Fast For Women

Effective Weight Loss Tips For Women

Weight loss actually doesn't have to require heroic efforts. You need to figure out and learn the tricks. Justfitnesshub spoke to the women who have each successfully lost almost 100 pounds or more to...
Low Budget Super Foods

Super Budget Healthy Foods

To keep you healthy and fit you don’t need to eat trendy and expensive foods. In fact there are a horde of less expensive and under-recognized food items that can really provide your family...
Burning Belly Fat

Why Losing Belly Fat Is So Difficult?

Of all the fat, belly fat is most easy to put on and then reducing belly fat becomes a real tough task. Stomach fat is root-cause of a number of health problems and so...
Most Common Weight Loss Diet And Workout Myths And Truths

Common Weight Loss Diet And Exercise Myths

We talked to Health and Fitness experts about the most common Diet and Exercise myths and related facts. We then separated for you the the most common 9 facts from fiction – and you...