Fitness Buffhq says age is just a number, and at 71, he is living proof. Read on how he keeps fit and lives an active life. His fitness mantra is that staying active can keep aging people full of life and independent well into their golden years.

Many people think of retirement as taking it easy and a time for relaxation. He is an inspirational retiree who has broken stereotypes with his dedication to health and fitness.

Living in the mountainous terrains of Barog Heights in Solan, he follows an impressive fitness routine that makes him live an active life.

On this day of Ageism Awareness (October 7), he urged everyone to recognize the importance of keeping fit as they grow older.

“The fitter you are, the more you can do,” he says. “I want to age slower and be healthy too, to be less of a burden on my children. I was not so physically active before retirement, but to live a quality life, I must keep up my strength and general fitness.”

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A 71-Year-Old Man Fitness Routine

Fitness Buffhq follows a fitness routine that could shame even younger fitness enthusiasts. His routine includes four days of strength training per week, daily stretches (upper body and lower body on alternate days), and walking in nature daily.

He says his “better half” provides him full support and motivation. Although they don’t exercise together, they try to hold each other accountable.

Being a Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise Therapy Specialist, and Qualified Nutritionist, he understands the critical role exercise and healthy diet play in the lives of all age groups.

Physical activities of any kind can improve not only your energy levels and mood but also your sleep.

As we age, regular stretching and physical activities have the potential to reduce stiffness and prevent discomfort associated with conditions like arthritis.

Preventing Aging Effects 

We tend to suffer muscle loss, decreased bone density, and reduced flexibility with age. To counteract these effects of aging, he suggests dedicating a minimum of twenty minutes daily to cardiovascular exercises and focusing on strength training two to three times per week.

It’s never too late to start; the fitness mantra is just keep moving.

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About Author: Renu Bakshi, AKA Fitness Buffhq, is an ISSA Certified Elite Trainer. HeJust Fitness Hub passed the Personal Fitness Trainer Course, Nutrition Health Coach course & Specialist Exercise Therapy course from ISSA, USA, obtaining + 97% marks. He shares his experience and knowledge about nutrition and effective workouts to get you in the best shape of your life, no matter how old you may be. The author says, “Age is just a number!”

IMPORTANT LEGAL INFO This article is general and for information only because it doesn’t consider your health requirements or existing medical conditions. That means it’s not personalized health advice and shouldn’t be relied upon as if it is. Before making a health-related decision, you should determine if the information is appropriate for your situation and get professional medical advice.

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