Ab Wheel Roller Exercise – Guide, Tips & Video

Ab Wheel Rollout Exercise

The ab wheel is an inexpensive exercise equipment for abdominal workouts. It helps strengthen and tone your abs, tighten your mid-section and flatten your belly.

Ab Roll Out exercise works on your entire core and also engages important muscles like shoulders, arms, chest and hamstrings.

In this post you will find how to do ab roller exercise for beginners, men, women & seniors – correct form, proper movement, instructions with tips & video.

How To Do Ab Wheel Workout Properly For Beginners, Men, Women & Seniors?

Start Position

Grip the ab wheel by placing one hand on each of the handles and kneel on the floor. Place the wheel on the floor in front of you, underneath your shoulders – so that you are all on your hands and knees. This will be your starting position.

Tip: If your knees feel uncomfortable on the floor, you can place them on a yoga mat, but ensure that the wheel rolls on the floor, not the mat.


(i) Squeeze your glutes & slowly roll the wheel straightforward in front of you, stretching your body into a straight position.

(ii) Go forward as far as you can without touching the floor with your body. Breathe in during this part of the movement.

(iii) Hold for a brief pause at the stretched position. Start pulling yourself back & return to the start position as you breathe out. This completes one rep. Perform the desired number of reps and sets.


(i) Move slowly and keep your arms straight & abs contracted. and core tight at all times.

(ii) Keep your core tight and the back straight all the time

(iii) Roll forward as far as you can while engaging your core to keep you balanced. Over a period of time, you can extend the distance gradually as you gain strength.

(iv) Make sure that your hips and shoulders move simultaneously at the same speed.

(v) If you are a beginner, it will help to roll out & touch a wall with the wheel so that you have a better idea of your starting point as you return back and go for another rep.

Watch this video for practical demonstration of “Ab Wheel Rollout Workout”


(i) Don’t allow you back to arch or sag!

(ii) Ab Wheel Rollout exercise puts stress on lower back, so it’s not advisable for the people who are suffering from any lower back issue. Read here How To Strengthen Your Lower Back.


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