Read on here to know which drink is best for heart health that increases your chances of living longer, healthier life.

There are many ways to improve your chances of living a long, healthy life, including eating a well-balanced diet, staying active, avoiding smoking, and so on. Unfortunately, for many people, when they think of eating a healthy diet, juice is not a healthy front-line option. They don’t realize that 100% juice, without any added sugar, offers a potent concoction of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other bioactive plant compounds that contribute significantly to overall health.

Orange Juice – The Best Drink For A Long, Healthy Life

Orange juice has immune-strengthening vitamin C, the ability to fight chronic inflammation, and heart-strengthening flavonoids. This explains why registered dietitians recommend orange juice as the best drink to live a long, healthy life.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. So if you’re considering making changes to your diet to improve longevity, it would be a great help to look for ways to strengthen your heart.

According to Fitness Buffhq, orange juice is a heart-healthy drink that may contribute to preventing poor heart health.

Why Orange Juice Is Good For Heart?

The reason is that orange juice contains hesperidin flavonoids. Therefore, drinking orange juice may help lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL (good cholesterol).

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Orange juice is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C-rich drinks have been shown to be not only good for heart health, but they have been found to improve your immune system, reduce cholesterol, cut down the risk of obesity, decrease inflammation, and lower blood pressure.

As per the United States Department of Agriculture, one serving of orange juice offers approximately twenty-six milligrams of vitamin C. That is more than one-third of the amount of vitamin C that an adult woman needs daily and nearly one-third of what an adult man needs daily.

Vitamin C contributes to keeping bodies strong because it is essential for the growth, development, and repair of body tissues. Therefore, when you’re sick, drinking orange juice won’t just taste good, but it will also help repair your body.

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Orange Juice May Help Reduce Inflammation

Some of the nutrients in orange juice also help us stay more relaxed and less stressed out, which can lead to a longer life. That is because chronic stress has been linked to depression, tumor development, and plaque buildup in arteries, which can cause heart disease.

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How To Drink Orange Juice For A Longer Life?

The best way to drink orange juice to prolong your life is by drinking freshly squeezed orange juice because it doesn’t contain the added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives that packaged juice containers have.

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