Best Natural Sources Of Vitamin C

In this article you will learn how much vitamin C should you take, how to get vitamin C naturally & what foods are highest in vitamin C.

I will cover:

(i) What are the best natural ways to get vitamin C.

(ii) How much vitamin C you need every day?

(iii) Do you need to take vitamin C supplements?

(iv) Can your body store it?

(v) What happens if you take excess of vitamin C?

DISCLAIMER: This article is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Important Facts About Vitamin C That You Should Know!

Let me first tell you some very interesting facts about vitamin C:

Number 1: – You know whereas animals can make vitamin C by themselves, your body is not able to make it on its own. This explains why people get worried and start taking supplements to increase their immunity. But they don’t realize how much they need to eat when they are not sick. Vitamin C is water-soluble, so if you eat more than what is required – the excess would pass through your urine and you gain nothing by eating vitamin C supplements – but just waste your money.

Number 2: Your body can’t store much of vitamin C. So it becomes important for you to include enough of vitamin C containing foods in your every day diet to prevent its deficiency.

Number 3: Another fact you need to know – what is the Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin C. How much vitamin C you need depends on your age and sex Other factors, such as pregnancy and illnesses are also important. For the adults the daily allowances are:

Men of age 19 year and older need:   90 milligrams a day

Women of age 19   and older need:   75 milligrams a day

Pregnant women:   85 milligrams a day

Breastfeeding women: 20 milligrams a day

Note: If you smoke, you would need 35 milligrams per day more because smokers deplete their stores of vitamin C faster.

When talking about Vitamin C deficiency, won’t you like to know what shortage of this particular vitamin in your body can cause? Well Vitamin C deficiency can lead to:

  • Anemia
  • Bleeding gums
  • Decreased ability to fight infection
  • Decreased wound-healing ability
  • Dry and split hair
  • Easy bruising
  • Nosebleeds
  • Possible weight gain because of poor metabolism
  • Rough, dry, scaly skin
  • Swollen and painful joints
  • Weakened tooth enamel

A severe vitamin C deficiency can cause a medical condition known as scurvy. This mainly occurs in older, malnourished adults.

Best Way To Get More Vitamin C Naturally!

Now I am now going to share with you the best natural ways to meet your vitamin C daily needs. The trick is – DON’T take it in one big shot. You will get better results if you have it in small – small portion all though the day.

You can reach the recommended dietary allowance for vitamin C easily, if you incorporate in your diet a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. A diet that contains five servings of fruits and vegetables should put you at about 200 milligrams a day – more than what you require.

For most healthy individuals, the body can use and hold only about 200 to 250 milligrams of vitamin C, and any excess you would lose through urine. So, if you take vitamin C supplements, you are likely to over consume it. And remember if you take a multivitamin, you’re getting vitamin C there, too.

Side Effects Of Taking High Doses Of Vitamin C

Though, serious side effects from too much vitamin C are not common, as your body can’t store this vitamin. But, amounts higher than 2,000 mg/day are not recommended. Make sure you don’t take high doses of vitamin C supplements – it may contribute to the formation of kidney stones, as well as severe diarrhea, nausea, and gastritis.

Also large doses of vitamin C supplementation are not recommended during pregnancy. They can cause shortage of vitamin C in the baby after delivery.

Fruits That Are High Source Of Vitamin C

Let’s now see what fruits is the highest source of vitamin C – they include:

(i) Cantaloupe

(ii) Citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit

(iii) Kiwi

(iv) Mango

(v) Papaya

(vi) Pineapple

(vii) Strawberries

(viii) Raspberries,

(ix) Blueberries

(x) Cranberries, and

(xi) Watermelon

Vegetables That Provide More Vitamin C

Here are the vegetables with the highest sources of vitamin C – they include:

(i) Gooseberries, also known as Amla

(ii) Broccoli,

(iii) Brussels sprouts,

(iv) Cauliflower

(v) Green and Red Peppers

(vi) Spinach

(vii) Cabbage

(viii) Turnip Greens

(ix) Leafy Greens

(x) Sweet and white potatoes

(xi) Tomatoes and

(xii) Winter squash

Now Two Bonus Tips For You:

One – The best food sources of vitamin C are uncooked or raw fruits and vegetables. Cooking vitamin C-rich foods or storing them for a long period of time can reduce their vitamin C content. So, I suggest either microwave or steam your food with as little water as possible to help preserve as much of the vitamin C content as possible.

Number 2 – Always keep in your mind that boiling causes the greatest loss of vitamin C content because the food remains at high temperatures for a long period of time, which either destroys the vitamins or allows them to escape into the water.

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