Coronavirus Day by Day

The new strain of corona virus is spreading very fast. In this article, we are going to talk about how corona symptoms start day by day.

Corona Studies

Numerous studies have been conducted since the first outbreak of coronavirus. These studies have tried to find out in what order do you get Covid symptoms.

Before proceeding, please note that I am not a Doctor and this general overview is compiled from various studies and may vary for each individual. If you’re feeling unwell, you should immediately consult a medical professional to get done an accurate diagnosis and for proper treatment of COVID-19.

What Order Do You Get Covid Symptoms?

Let’s look into what coronavirus symptoms come first & what is coronavirus symptoms order.

It takes about 14 days to get cure from Corona Virus – this is called as Incubation Period.

First Day: About 88% of the corona affected people experience fever, throat itching, body ach and tiredness.

Many people feel muscle pain and dry cough. According to Chines study, roughly 10% also suffer from Diarrhea, Nausea and Vomiting.

2nd to 4th Day: Fever and cough continue. The patient feels quite week.

5th Day: The patient experience trouble in breathing. This happens especially in case of elderly people or who already have some other illness. However, in case of the new strain in India many young patients are also experiencing difficulty in breathing.

6th Day: The dry cough, throat infection & fever continue. Some people also experience pain and pressure in their chest.

7th Day: The people who were caught with mild to midrate symptoms start feeling better and the symptoms start declining.

However, in acute cases the pain & pressure in the chest increase. Such patients feel short of breath and their lips start appearing somewhat bluish.

Some people might need to be admitted in Hospital at this stage.

8th & 9th Day: According to CDC, China some patients experience acute respiratory distress. Due to this oxygen level in the blood starts dropping.

10th & 11th Day: In a very few cases, the patient might experience serious trouble in breathing and need to be admitted in ICU. However, in cases where the patient gets better, the patient is discharged from the Hospital.

12th Day: According to Wuhan study, the fever disappears in case of most people. But in some cases cough continues.

13th to 14th Day: The breathing start improving.

18th Day: If the symptoms are still persisting then it can be some thing very serious. However, most people get cured within 14 days.

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