How To Do Diamond Pushups For Beginners – Tips & Video

Diamond Pushup For Triceps

Diamond pushups, also referred to as close-grip push-ups or triangle pushups, are the best triceps strengthening exercise according to the American Council on Exercise.

Whereas all types of pushup exercises work on your chest, shoulders and triceps, moving your hands closer than in a traditional push-up shifts the focus primarily on to your triceps. On the other hand, when the hands are spread wide apart – you mainly target your chest.

Read on to learn diamond pushup for triceps benefits, tips and step wise instructions with video on how to do diamond pushups for beginners correctly.

Are Diamond Push-ups Good?

A study published in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2005 found that a narrow base position, like during a diamond push-up, activates the triceps brachii more effectively than a wide base position.

ACE also confirms that there is no exercise better than the diamond pushups to target your triceps, the large muscles located in the upper rear of the arms. It also works on other muscles, including your pecs, deltoids, biceps, abs, obliques and quads.

A classic push-up hit your chest muscles, but if you’ve already done your bench presses for the day, would it not be good if you work on another body part.

You can do them anywhere as you don’t need any equipment.

Diamond Pushups vs. Other Tricep Exercises

The ACE sponsored a research study by the University of Wisconsin/La Crosse to study the various tricep exercises to find out which one lead to the greatest muscle activity. The study ascertained that the diamond pushups, even when compared with free-weight exercises, generated the most muscle activity. The other top five were ranked in this order: kickbacks, dips, overhead extensions and rope pushdowns.

How To Do Diamond Pushups For Triceps?

To work on your triceps muscle effectively, you have to do a diamond push-up using correct technique with proper form.

Start Position: Get on all fours, your hands and knees, with your hands together under your chest. Position your index fingers and thumbs so that they touch and make a diamond shape. Bring your elbows close to your body. Extend your arms, step your feet behind and lift your knees so that your body is elevated and forms a straight line from your head to your heels. Keep your head facing toward the floor and not up in front of you. This is your start position.

Movement: Tighten your core. While keeping your elbows in and back flat, lower your chest toward your hands. Stop just before your chest touches the ground. Pause for 1-2 seconds at the bottom then press your chest back to the starting position, still keeping your elbows close to your body. This completes one rep. Repeat for the desired number of reps.


(i) Diamond Pushups For Beginners: Diamond push-ups are harder than the standard push-ups. If you find them tough then you can first practice by placing your hands on a bench so that your body is in incline position. Or you can do them on your knees so as to lessen the weight on your arms.

(ii) Keep your elbows close to your body, back straight & core tightened.

Please watch this video for demonstration:  



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