Glute Bridge With Adduction & Knee Extension

Does your job involve spending long hours sitting behind a desk? If yes then your glutes are likely to get weak over time with lower back problems. Moreover, people often sit too far forward, which causes their hip flexors to become tight and the glutes to effectively switch off. Glute Bridge exercises activate them, which helps improve your physique as well as the structural health.

Glute Bridge Exercise Benefits

The “Glute Bridge With Adduction and Knee Extension” is a great exercise that helps improve hip mobility and strengthen lower back. So this exercise is a boon for the desk-bound workers.

Muscles Engaged: Mainly the glutes, but also hamstrings and inner thighs

Continue reading here to learn here how to perform Glute Bridge Adduction & Knee Extension perfectly with tips & VIDEO demonstrating correct form, technique & movements.

How To Do Glute Bridge Adduction & Marching Knee Extension Exercise Correctly – Step-by-Step Instructions

This is a Single-Leg Glute Bridge exercise that halves the number of grounded legs so as to increase the difficulty by two times.

(i) Lie on your back on an exercise mat with your arms along the sides of your body. Bend your knees with your feet resting flat on the mat about 12 inches from your bum. Hold a pillow between your knees.

(ii) Brace your core as you would do if someone were going to punch you in the belly. Squeeze your glutes, and while holding the pillow between your knees, lift your hips up until your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

(iii) Hold the bridge while you extend left leg straight out. Keep your back stable & don’t let the pillow drop.

(iv) Lower the left leg, placing the heel back on the mat. Repeat with the right leg. This completes one repetition (rep).

(v) Do the desired number of reps & sets.


(i) Initiate the movement with your glutes, and maintain control using your hips.

(ii) Don’t get tempted to lift your hips too high as it can cause hyperextension (arching) in your lower back. 

(iii) Do not let your hips drop as you extend each leg.

(iv) You should feel it stressing your glutes, and to a lesser extent your hamstrings & lower back.

Watch this video to learn how to do Marching Glute Bridge With Adduction & Knee Extension properly:

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