Hip Marching Exercise

I am starting a special series on exercise & fitness videos, especially for the elderly people. This is the first post in this series. 

Hip marching exercise improve hip mobility, strengthen hips & thighs, and enhance flexibility. You can do this exercise any where. You don’t need any equipment except a chair. This exercise helps the elderly people to strengthen, improve mobility & flexibility of their hips.

Continue reading here to learn how to perform Hip Marching Exercise perfectly with tips & VIDEO demonstrating it’s correct form, technique, steps wise instructions  & movements.

How To Do Hip Marching?

(i) Sit upright toward the front edge of a chair. Keep your spine neutral. Neither lean forward or backward. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Hold on to the sides of the chair for support. 

(ii) Lift your left knee as high as is comfortable, keeping your knee bent. Now slowly & with control lower your foot down back on the floor.

(iii) Perform the above movement with the opposite leg. This completes one repetition (rep).

(iv) Do two to three sets five to ten reps.


Inhale during the upward movement (lifting) phase, and exhale during the downward movement (lowering) phase.


Do hip marching at slow to moderate speed. Breath regularly all through the exercise.

How to make Hip Marching More Challenging

Place your hands on the respective thighs. Resist the lifting movement of your knee by pushing the corresponding hand downward.

Watch this video to learn how to do hip marching correctly?


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