How To Do Conventional Deadlift | Instructions, Tips, Video

How To Perform Conventional Barbell Deadlift

The conventional deadlift is an incredible total body workout. It strengthens your upper back, lower back, legs (including glutes & hamstrings) and arms all at the same time.

It’s very essential that you first learn the proper deadlift form & technique before you start doing this exercise.

The most common mistake that people commit when doing deadlift exercise is rounding of their spine or lower back. Always do deadlift with a neutral lower back – keeping the natural inward curve of your lower spine. 

So, I strongly recommend that first you strengthen your core, back and leg muscles before even you attempt to try deadlifts. Once you’ve gained the required strength then you should first practice proper deadlift form without using weight, and when you have master the technique then gradually add weight as you progress.

Read here to learn how to do conventional deadlift perfectly with tips & VIDEO demonstrating barbell deadlift form, technique & proper movements.

How To Perform Barbell Deadlift? – Deadlift Form With Step-by-Step Instructions

(i) For conventional barbell deadlift, always start with the barbell resting on the floor.

(ii) Stand with your feet hip-width apart, positioned in a manner so that the bar is centered over your feet.

(iii) While pushing your hips back & slightly bending your knees, hinge forward until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor.

(iv) Grip the bar at shoulder-width with your arms just outside of your legs. You can use either alternating grip (one hand over, one hand under the bar) or overhand grip (palms facing back towards your body). The bar should be close to your shins.

(vi) Look forward with your head up. Keep your chest up and your back straight, keeping the natural inward curve of your lower spine. 

(vii) Inhale. While driving through your feet, push the floor away . Make sure the bar tracks in a straight line, close to your legs as you fully extend your legs and press the hips forward. 

(vii) Return the bar back to the floor by pushing the hips back and hinging forward, while slightly bending your knees. Take care to keep your back straight & head up.

Congrats, you have completed one rep! Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Watch this video to learn here the correct form and the right technique to perform Conventional Barbell Deadlifts perfectly



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