One of the most sought after advice is how to lose belly fat fast. Belly fat is the most hazardous type of fat and actually causes many health related problems. A large middle line is a sure passport to diseases – disease – disease.

Women are prone to bloat more than men as they possess longer intestines; therefore they need to be careful more fabout their waistline.

There is no magic bullet that can get rid of abdominal fat specifically, but in this article you will find some tips to lose belly fat effectively.

10 Diet Tips To Loose Belly Fat Fast

Incorporate following 10 diet tips into your routine to get rid of abdomen fat quickly:

1. Cut Back on Salt Intake: The daily recommended salt intake is 1500 mg. More salt intake leads to edema and bloating. Keep salt shaker away from your dining table. Avoid the ready meals that contain too much of salt.

2. Consume More Fiber: Incorporate in your daily diet a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber to lower insulin levels to accelerate the burning of visceral fat. Eating more fiber will also get you rid of constipation and bloating of stomach. Foods that are rich in fiber include apples, oats, oranges, mushrooms, raspberries, broccoli and cabbage.

(i) Increase daily fiber intake in your diet slowly. Don’t jump to high intake suddenly from the next day. The natural bacteria present in your digestive system needs time to adjust to higher intake.

(ii) Eat the skin on the fruits and vegetables wherever possible, as that’s where all the fiber is. Eat the apples with their skin on. Same as with potatoes, leave the skin on.

3. Incorporate Potassium-Rich Foods: Whereas sodium renders your body retain more water, potassium aids it to get rid of excess water. Consuming potassium rich foods, such as bananas and sweet potatoes, can help lose belly fat. If you eat banana or sweet potatoes do some exercises as well, as they can be otherwise fattening.

4. Replace Refined Grains with Whole Grains: If you eat whole grains in place of refined grains, you are more likely to shed belly fat. This is one of the best ways to lose belly fat.

(i) Eat whole grain bread instead of over-processed white bread and go for brown rice than white rice.

(ii) A diet rich in whole grains alters the glucose and insulin response in such a way that it helps to burn fat fast.

5. Sugar is your Adversary: Eating healthy diet is a must to lower belly fat. Sugar is nothing but empty calories. Cut down on consuming calories by eating more of protein, whole grains and vegetables. It’s one of the best ways to loss belly fat.

(i) Chuck artificial sweeteners. They are usually contained in flavored water, diet, low-carbs and sugar-free foods. Artificial sweeteners are not fully digestible by your body. Bacteria present in your large intestine incline to ferment them, leading to bloating and gas

(ii) Avoid the bad habit of nibbling on snacks. Try this trick – sprinkle a bit of cinnamon in your morning tea / coffee or oatmeal. This spice is known to aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels. It also makes you feel fuller longer, as it slows down the rate at which food exits your stomach. Read the food labels and try to avoid sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and lacitol.

6. Eat Less Calories: The best way to lose weight and belly fat is to reduce calorie intake. Try these tips to lose belly fat.

(i) To lose one pound of fat, you need to have a 3,500 calorie deficit. In other words you either eat 3,500 less calories or burn off 3,500 calories through exercise.

(ii) Do not aim for losing more than two pounds a week. Losing more than this is crash dieting and not recommended. It can result into gaining back speedily any lost weight.

(iii) A suggested diet to loose belly fat is one that has 2,200 calories a day for men and 2,000 calories for women. Depending upon your activity level, this should cause adequate deficit to lose one or two pounds per week.

7. Eat Good Fat: Yeah, that’s right! You require fat to burn fat. Actually as mentioned above, it’s sugar that makes you fat. Research has shown that a diet with a higher proportion of Mono-Unsaturated fats (MUFas), such as avocados, nuts, seeds, soybeans can avoid accumulation of belly fat.

Further studies have shown Trans fats – such as margarines, cookies, crackers, or anything made with partially hydrogenated oils – result into accumulation of fat in the abdomen. So stay away from them.

8. Vitamin C: Studies have shown that the secretion of cortisol (a hormone your body produces when you are under stress) is correlated with an increase in abdominal fat. Vitamin C aids in balancing cortisol spikes that happen when you are under stress.

Vitamin C is your fat burning friend, as it contributes in making carnitine, a compound which is required by your body to turn fat into fuel. Kiwi, bell peppers or kale have more vitamin C than the well-known oranges!

If you’re passing through an emotional set back, stress from work or otherwise, increase your vitamin C – it’ll help offset the negative side effects.

9. Sleep: Follow the natural clock. When you are working late at night, your biorhythms are off and you tend to eat more. Also when you are fatigued your body is inclined to produce more ghrelin, which causes cravings for sugary and other fat-forming foods. Losing sleep can also tamper hormone structure, disturbing your cortisol levels, which can affect insulin sensitivity – leading to more belly fat. Try for having 7-8 hours of sleep a night, which is one of the contributory factors to loose bally fat.

10. Stay Hydrated: By keeping you hydrated you can lose belly fat in three ways. It keeps your sodium and potassium levels under check. Secondly, it ensures that the fiber does its job properly to ease constipation. Thirdly, regularly drinking water throughout the day leads to active metabolism.

More Diet Tips To Loss Belly Fat

(i) Eat a healthy breakfast rich in protein and fiber within one hour of your waking-up in the morning to kick-start your metabolism and keep it high during the day, burning more fat.

(ii) Protein and fiber take more time to process than the sugar and complex carbs, so you feel full for longer period.

If you know of any belly fat diet tips, you may share it here under comments for the benefit of other readers.

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