Banana Pre Workout

If you go to gym or workout regularly at home to keep fit then most probably you are aware of the term “pre workout food”. The foods you eat before workout help improve your performance during exercise.

However, if you’re working out moderately for less than sixty minutes, you don’t necessarily have to “fuel up” with pre-workout food – particularly if your aim is to shed fat & lose weight.

But if you are into exercising vigorously, especially with an aim to gain muscle mass, hitting the gym on an empty stomach can drain out your body’s energy and damage your muscles.

The professional trainers explain that while exercising your body’s temperature increases leading to greater consumption of nutrients. So much so, exercising on an empty stomach can cause undesirable protein loss.

Read on here: (i) Should you eat banana before workout? & (ii) 3 quick ways to eat banana before workout to enhance your performance & get better results.

Why Bananas Before Gym And Exercise?

For the pre work out nutrition, the foods those are high in carbs and moderate in protein & fiber work better. The reason is that the carbs provide quick energy for fuel, and your body will not have to consume protein.

Bananas are the ideal pre-workout snack. They are high in carbs and rich source of vitamins and minerals. The most beneficial ones are magnesium & potassium, the electrolytes that get depleted when we sweat while working out – which can cause an imbalance leading to fatigue & muscle cramping. Eating a banana before working out is a great way to replenish the loss of electrolytes – facilitating optimum function of nerves and muscles during exercise.

Bananas are easy to digest and help slow release of glucose into the bloodstream. They are especially good for endurance workouts. If you hit your gym session early in the morning or have a busy schedule, the humble banana would be a great choice as a pre-workout snack.

Avoid taking unhealthy sources of carbohydrates, including support or soft drinks & candy bars. By consuming such products, though you gain a short energy boost, but face a higher risk of hitting exhaustion before your workout session ends.

Protein-Carbo Pre Workout Combo Snack – Banana & Peanut Butter

If you are looking for a protein-carbo combo – banana & peanut butter, as pre workout snack, offers a healthy balance of fiber & lean protein. One hour before an intensive workout session, spread a tablespoon of your preferred protein-rich, all-natural spread onto the carb-packed fruit for the fuel your muscle tissue & nervous system needs. This PC-combo helps stabilize blood sugar, so curbing any unwanted sweets cravings later.

Bonus – Banana Pre-Workout Smoothie

You will need:

(i) Yogurt: 200 ml, preferably frozen

(ii) Banana: 1, fully ripe – preferably frozen

(iii) Pumpkin seeds: 1 teaspoon

(iv) Water: 5 ml


(i) Peel the banana. Put banana, yogurt & pumpkin seeds in a blender. Add water.

(ii) Whisk the ingredients, until you get a smooth drink.

(iii) Pour the delicious & full of nutrients pre-workout smoothie in a tall glass.

(iv) Garnish with some raisins.

Bonus tip for those who workout INTENSIVELY in the morning: Dice up a banana with about half to one cup of dry oats with a whey shake before you hit gym in the morning.

Enjoy your pre workout banana snack & get optimum results from the workout session!

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