Knee Extension Exercise For Seniors helps the elderly maintain good balance and avoid falls. Practicing full knee extension for seniors improves their ability to stand easily and maintain functional independence.

In this article is shown how to do Knee Extension Exercise for seniors & elderly, its benefits & a VIDEO demonstrating its correct form & proper movements.

The seated knees extension exercise for seniors as explained below is the easiest of the knee rehab exercises.

The key is to ensure that you fully extend and flex your knees when doing this exercise to reap the maximum benefit.

Let us see the importance of knees extension exercise for seniors:

As you age:

(i) The knee joints begin to loose some of their flexibility.

(ii) The knees range of motion gradually reduces.

You can prevent or slow down these changes by adding a knee exercise such as seated knees extension for seniors.

How to do “Knees Extension Exercise For Seniors”

(i) Sit on a chair with knees bent & feet flat on the floor.

(ii) Maintain straight posture & hold on to the sides of the chair.

This is your Start Position.

(iii) Extend out your left knee with pointing toes toward the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds and lower the leg to the start position.

(iv) Now perform the same movement with your right leg.

(v) Make sure to move slowly without jerking your leg.

(vi) Use your full range of motion. You can do this by extending your leg as far as comfortable and then bringing your heel fully back to the start position.

(vii) Repeat 10 to 20 times for each leg.

(viii) When you have gained enough strength, you can use ankle weight. This will step up your knees strengthening.

Watch this video to learn How To Do Knee Extension For Seniors – Correct Form & Proper Technique: 


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