Don’t have time to exercise, or you may be one of those who don’t like exercising or may not be fit enough to exercise but want to lose weight. Do you like to learn tricks to lose weight without working out?

Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

The answer is yes. I will tell you the best ways to lose weight without exercise by making simple lifestyle changes and modifying your everyday diet, such as avoiding sugar, having a low-carb diet, & many more practical tips and tricks to lose weight.

Just Fitness Hub has spoken to many weight loss experts, and everyone contributed a few painless, easy ways to lose weight without exercising. These easy tips on losing weight fast without exercising can pack a big weight-loss punch over time.

Here are their top tips on how to lose weight without exercising.

Weight Loss Diet Tips

1. Don’t Drink Calories: Avoid sugary soft beverages, packed fruit juices, sweetened sodas, smoothies, and shakes. Most of them are empty calories. Instead, go for unsweetened iced tea, lemon tea, coffee (without cream), or other no-calorie / low-calorie drinks.

2. Try a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea before a meal: This is just in case you may be thirsty only instead of hungry. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.

(i) If you drink a full glass of water before meals, the water will take up a little room in your stomach, making you eat a little less, and you will not feel starving. In case you don’t like drinking a full glass of water before a meal, then you may take sips in between while taking the meal.

(ii) Drinking a glass of water before meals will give you time to watch what you eat instead of hogging whatever is on the plate.

(iii) If you don’t like the taste of plain water, put a slice of lemon or lime in your water to add flavor.

(iv) Party time! It’s a great idea to grab a low calories drink in your one hand and keep it there. It will make you less tempted to hit the endless cocktails and make it harder to continue nibbling at the buffet.

3. Go for foods that take more time to digest: Eating foods that take longer to break down will keep your metabolism busy, making you feel full for a long time. These types of foods are high in fiber (so they take longer to break down), such as:

(i) Whole grains – like whole-wheat spaghetti, bran flakes, and barley.

(ii) Certain vegetables – like peas, broccoli, etc.

(iii) Fruits- like apples, pears, and raspberries.

(iv) Nuts and legumes – like almonds, beans, and lentils.

4. Cut down on white carbohydrates and fried foods: Try not to eat or eat less white bread, polished rice, potatoes, pasta, and fried food. It helps to lose weight if you avoid eating anything white. Instead, include good carbs in your diet.

5. Size Matters: Avoid barging large bites into your mouth. Instead, divide your meals into more morsels so that you put in your mouth smaller bites. This way, you will be constrained to eat slowly and have enough time to know when you are full.

Use smaller plates, bowls, cups, spoons, and dinner wares. A smaller plate full of food satisfies you more than a large plate with the same amount of food. People go by physical clues. When you see the bottom of your bowls, a signal goes to your brain that you have had enough. For example, try enjoying your dessert with a baby spoon. It will give you pleasure for a longer time, and your body will get enough time to register that you have eaten to your full capacity.

When And How To Eat To Lose Weight?

1. Don’t miss breakfast: Some people believe skipping breakfast is a way to lose weight. On the other hand, by eating breakfast, you jump-start your metabolism and keep it working throughout the day.

(i) If you don’t eat for long periods, your body thinks as if you are fasting and starts burning fewer calories to compensate. This will likely backfire on your plan of losing weight.

(ii) Include more protein and fiber in your diet, as these foods take longer to break down than sugary foods and carbohydrates. So eat more such foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and peanut butter.

2. Eat at the same times every day: Try to eat your meals (including snacks) around the same times. Eating at regular times helps your body to get settled into a rhythm that makes it burn the right amount of calories.

(i) Unpredictable eating habits or skipping meals is likely to tune your body to store calories for emergencies, resulting in your body gaining weight over time.

(ii) A regular food schedule makes you much less likely to graze and control your overall eating.

3. Don’t get into the habit of eating in front of the T.V.: Don’t have snacks while watching a T.V. program, as you are likely to continue eating until the program is over and tend to eat more. The reason is that you are more absorbed in watching T.V. shows rather than getting mentally engaged in eating, so it does not register in your mind when you are full.

4. Avoid late-night eating: During sleep at night, your body does not burn many calories. So most of what you eat late at night will likely convert into sugar and fat.

(i) Set a time limit so that after which you will not eat anything, even a small snack. The cut-off time should be at least two hours before you usually sleep at night.

(ii) If you crave having something before you sleep, brew and sip a cup of herbal tea instead. Look for herbal tea that has very few calories.

5. Avoid stress eating: I have seen people eating more under stress and anxiety as if they can eat up their feelings. This way, they tend to add many unwanted calories to their diet, which can easily be avoided only if they manage their stress and anxiety.

(i) Eating more does not reduce stress; it makes you overweight. If you are under stress, find another way to get rid of stress, like meditating, yoga, listening to or playing a musical instrument, or reading.

(ii)  Have adequate sleep. You should sleep at least eight hours a day. Lack of sleep can make you feel more under stress and give you hunger pangs.

6. Bottom Line: The best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Even if you are not exercising, you still burn some calories, even while you are asleep. So, try to cut back on your daily calorie intake by eliminating high-calorie foods from your diet.

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Easy Tips To Lose Weight Fast

(i) When you feel hungry between meals, drink a glass of water or chew gum to trick your brain into thinking that you are eating something. The water will also make you feel full.

(ii) Eat your food slowly. That way, your brain will get enough time to register the signal when you are full. By eating fast, you tend to overeat.

(iii) Eat only when you are hungry.

(iv) Don’t get into the habit of finishing everything on your plate. When you are full, don’t feel guilty about leaving food on your plate; otherwise, how will you lose weight?

(v)  Never miss your breakfast. Otherwise, you will likely eat more during the day. Also, having breakfast early in the morning will jump-start your metabolism.

(vi) Go for eating smaller amounts more often during the day. People who eat fewer but larger meals during the day tend to overeat and put their bodies at risk of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases due to the sudden intake of too many calories at a time.

(vii) Make sure to avoid going shopping on an empty stomach. You are tempted to eat what you see, and you end up consuming junk food.

(viii) Drink at least 8-9 glasses of water daily, especially before or during meals and before you go to bed.

(ix) Drink unsweetened lemon tea instead of milk tea. It will help you in getting rid of weight.

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Try our above-listed easy tips for losing weight fast without exercise and see the results yourself.

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