Basics Of Workouts For Seniors

If you look around you, you will find a majority of the older adults are inactive, which means their muscles have emaciated, their heart is no more as strong as is it could be, their endurance is restrained and they don’t remain as agile as they would like to be.

If you are an older adult and want to maintain your ability to live an active, independent life then you must exercise/workout.

In this article you will find some recommended exercises and workouts for older adults, and also important factors that they should keep in mind while exercising.

If you have not been into exercising, you should start with basic forms of resistance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

Strength Workouts

Even the seniors can gain & maintain muscle mass by doing resistance training. For inactive seniors, they should try to begin with basic movements. The standard gym machines can help seniors increase their muscle mass with less risk of injury. Resistance bands are also effective because they are easy & light for inactive seniors to handle.

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Cardio Workouts

Stronger heart & efficient circulatory systems have various health benefits for seniors. Cardio workouts help older adults to do so. As you age, your balancing abilities wane out – so maintaining & increasing balancing strength become very critical for the seniors. Running on the treadmill may not be safe for the majority the seniors because of the knee issues and lacking balancing strength. Machines that support older adults such as recumbent bikes & seated steppers are safer options. Often, brisk walking is the best cardiovascular workout for aged people.

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Flexibility Workouts

Another issue with the older adults is the waning flexibility impacting their range of motion. Moreover, tight muscles, tendons & ligaments can cause discomfort & pain, and even increase the risk of falling for seniors. A simple, regular stretching routine can help reverse the adverse effects of years of tight muscles, and increase the seniors’ quality of everyday life.

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