Continue reading here to learn how to perform Short Quads exercise perfectly with tips & VIDEO demonstrating it’s correct form, technique & proper movements.

Short Arc Quads Benefits

The short arc quads exercise is an effective way to strengthen & improve functioning of your quadriceps muscles.

Performing short arc quadriceps exercise on a regular basis can also help in preventing problems with your hips.

Performing this exercise properly can also help you rehab & recover from a knee or hip injury.

How To Do Short Arc Quads Exercise – Step-by-Step Instructions

Short Arc Quadriceps Workout – Correct Form

(i) Lie on your back with your knees out straight.

(ii) Place a rolled towel under your knees.

This is your start position.

Short Arc Quadriceps Workout – Proper Movement

(i) While pressing the knees down, slowly straighten your bent knees until your legs are fully straightened.

(ii) Tighten your quads muscles and hold them tight for 5-10 seconds.

(iii) Slowly lower your legs down back to the starting position.

(iv) Repeat this movement 10-15 times. This will complete one set.

(v) You may do 2-3 Short Arc Quad sets.

How To Make Short Arc Quad Strengthening Exercise More Challenging?

You can increase the intensity of the SAQ (Short Arc Quads) exercise by using a 1 to 3 pound ankle weight when performing the short arc quad.

SAQ exercise may be advised by the doctors to some patients in certain situations. But before doing it check with your doctor first. These conditions include:

(i) After a knee injury

(ii) If bedridden

(iii) In case of hip pain or after hip surgery

(iv) After a knee surgery such as total knee replacement

Watch this video to learn how to do Short Arc Quads exercise using correct form & Proper Technique:


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