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We’re all aging every day. Aging is part of the natural process our bodies go through, but do we have to look older? Don’t you want to slow down your aging process?

Science is finding new ways to keep us looking and feeling young. We should understand that ways that really slow the aging process are those ways that improve healthiness. In other words we can slow down the aging processes, by improving our health.

In fact, If you want to slow aging there are lots of things you can do that will make you look & feel years younger than your biological age. Here are the top 7 ways. Read on..

How To Slow Down Aging Process?

Our aim should be to age as gracefully as possible. While time will continue to move forward, you can simply make these small changes in your day-to-day life for staying young inside and out!

Here are a few ways to naturally slow our aging process and enjoy the highest quality of life.

# 1

Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet, If You Want To Feel Younger Than Your Age?

Avoid processed foods as much as possible. They contain a variety of ingredients that can cause inflammation and lead to a weakened immune system as you get older. Moreover, there are 45 different types of phosphates added to processed foods, sometimes falling under ingredient names like “sodium phosphate,” “calcium phosphate” and “phosphoric acid.” Some aren’t even required to appear on the label! Phosphates fuel the aging process, interfering with vitamin D activation and weakening your bones. And get this: They can cause of a variety of chronic conditions and even lead to early death! Adopt a diet full of wholesome, nutritious and fresh foods to keep your body functioning at optimal levels.

# 2

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are about 60 percent water, and we require H2O to help everything to function efficiently – from our brains to our lungs. Water also helps lubricate the joints and flush out toxins from the body. When we don’t drink sufficient water, our skin looks dull and older. Hydration is a key component to keep your skin healthy and for providing a youthful glow.


Get Your Zs Full Quota 

When you sleep, your body gets time to repair and restore all its systems that were impaired during the day. It’s said that just one less hour of sleep per night can upsurge cortisol levels tenfold, which can cause oxidative stress and affects the balance of your blood sugar levels. Try to follow a nightly routine to get a proper night’s sleep so that you have plenty of time to unwind and relax from your hard day.

# 4

Take A Moment To Stop Stress In Its Tracks

Just like a lack of sleep can upsurge cortisol levels, chronic psychological stress too leads to higher cortisol levels. The higher levels of cortisol can deprive your body of essential minerals, leading to age-related illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, decreased immunity, neural degeneration, and even add more wrinkles to your skin. To alleviate the toxic effects of stress, try taking part in transcendental or meditation activities, which have been shown to cut back anxiety, depression, and anger, while improving psychological conditions. Also try deep breathing exercises or simply take a brisk walk to lower your daily stress.

# 5

Add More Physical Activity

You need to regularly participate in a physical activity that gets your heart pumping. Reduced physical activity causes fat and plaque to build up in your body and drives your heart to work harder whether you’re active or sedentary. Taking a brisk walk, regular exercise can also help slow the aging process. The benefits of exercise for elderly are enormous and include cutting back the risk for chronic conditions, improving mental health, slowing cognitive decline, and can even keep your skin looking healthier as toxins get flushed out while you work up a sweat.

# 6

Spend Time With Friends

Scientists have been able to prove that loneliness can prompt the release of high levels of stress hormones, which over time can lead to accelerated aging, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Carve out time throughout the week to spend with friends and loved ones, as staying socially active can really improve your overall health. If you are an introvert then try to adopt hobbies that keep your mind busy throughout the week so that you don’t have time to get indulged in negative thoughts.

# 7

Say No No To Added Sugars

Overdoing on sugar may eventually show up on your face in the form of early wrinkles. From processed sugars in sweet snacks to hidden sugar in dressings and yogurt, sugar has come out as a leading age-inducing ingredient. When sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins, it gives way to formation of harmful new molecules called advanced glycation end products. Eating more sugar—straight up added sugars such as the teaspoons you put into your coffee every morning, or secret sugars hiding out in “healthy” salad dressing and sweeter-than-candy-bar yogurt—causes more formation of advanced glycation end products, leading to deterioration of nearby proteins.

Protein fibers collagen and elastin keep the skin firm and elastic. However, they are most prone to damage. Once they’re damaged, they go from springy and resilient to dry and brittle, resulting in to formation of wrinkles and sagging. So by cutting sugar from your diet, you can protect your skin from becoming dry and brittle.

Following these best ways to slow aging will keep you active, energetic and healthy, while also adding many years to your life.

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