While improving flexibility, the Standing Knee Flexion exercise (also known as Knee Curls or Standing Hamstring Curls) helps strengthen your knees, especially hamstrings (back of your thigh). All you need is a chair or something sturdy to help you safely stay balanced.

This exercise is also called as Standing Hamstring Curls or Knee Curls 

Stronger hamstrings help you stay balanced while standing, walking or running. Good balancing is a prerequisite for seniors before starting any exercise routine.

Continue reading here to learn how to perform Standing Knee Flexion perfectly with tips & VIDEO demonstrating it’s correct form, technique & proper movements.

How to do Knee Curls (Standing Hamstring Curls) – Step-by-Step Instructions

(i) Stand straight with your front facing the back of a stable chair. Hold on to the chair to maintain your balance. You can use a countertop, or another object instead of chair.

(ii) Place your feet hip-distance apart so that your knees are only 1–2 inches apart.

(iii) Shift your weight over to your right leg with your knee slightly bent to avoid locking it.

(iv) While slowly bending your left knee, lift your left foot towards your buttocks. Continue to lift the foot in a smooth motion until the knee bend reaches a 90-degree angle or as high as you can comfortably.

(v) Hold the bent leg up for a few seconds (say 5 seconds) and then slowly lower it back to the floor. Repeat 10-15 times.

(vi) Switch sides, and repeat for the same number of times.


Inhale during the upward movement (lifting) phase and exhale during the downward movement (lowering) phase.

What not to do

Don’t point the toes or flex the foot of the lifted leg. Keep the foot in a neutral, flat position.(i) Make sure to stand as upright as you can and don’t allow your hips to bend.


(i) Make sure to stand as upright as you can and don’t allow your hips to bend.

(ii) If you feel a cramp in your hamstring, stop, relax your leg, massage the muscle & try once again when the pain is gone.

How To Make Standing Hamstring Curls More Challenging?

(i) Try this exercise while holding on with one hand only, then one finger, and then without hands.

(ii) Wear a light ankle weight of 1 or 2 pounds, and then work your way up to 5 pounds over time.

Watch this video to learn how to do Standing Knee Flexion Exercise

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