Hamstring Stretches With Towel

Read on to learn how to do towel hamstring stretches, a super easy exercise to untighten hamstring muscles and treat low back pain.

There are many different causes of lower back pain. Tight hamstring muscles, the muscles that run through the back of each thigh from the hip down to the back of the knee, can also contribute to the development and aggravation of low back pain.

Yes, tight hamstring muscles are a quite common contributor to lower back pain. The good news is it can be treated at home with some specific stretches.

One such stretch is Towel Hamstring Stretch. It’s an easy exercise to strengthen your hamstring muscles and help relieve low back pain.

Let’s see How To Do Towel Hamstring Stretch?

(i) Sit on a mat or a bed with your legs straight.

(ii) Hold each end of a rolled up towel and wrap it beneath the ball of your right foot.

(iii) Holding onto both ends of the towel, lie back and allow your right leg to raise straight up. Don’t allow your right knee to bend. Also keep your left leg straight, down on the mat.

(iv) While keeping your right knee straight and leg raised, gently pull the towel until you feel a mild stretch in the hamstring.

(v) Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds and then release. Gradually you can increase it 60 seconds.

(vi) Repeat the drill 5 times on each leg.

Watch this video to learn how to do Hamstring Stretches with a towel:

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