Learn with VIDEO how to do Shoulder Stretches with towel. Towel Shoulder Stretch helps increase flexibility & shoulders’ range of motion.

Tightness in your shoulder can limit your ability to perform simple basic day-to-day tasks such as combing your hair, reach for things lying in the overhead kitchen shelves, so-much-so you may not be able to scratch your back.

If you are suffering from tightness in moving your shoulder or frozen shoulder, you can do the towel shoulder stretch exercise to restore shoulder mobility and reduce pain.

How To Do Towel Shoulder Rotation Stretch Exercise?

Start Position

Take a long towel or a belt or any other sturdy long object. Roll up the towel and hold one end of the towel by your left hand. Throw it over your shoulder behind your back. Grab the other end of the towel with your right hand behind your back. This is your starting position.

Now the Movements

Gently pull the towel up with your top hand (left hand). Let the other hand (right hand) behind your back to move across and upwards along your back. You should feel a nice, gentle stretch in your shoulder as your lower hand (right hand) is pulled up gently further up your back.

Hold the position as long as you can up to 20 seconds. Once done, slowly release the stretch. Repeat for 5 to 10 times.

You should move gently, avoiding jerks or sudden motions.

Now switch your hands and perform the same movement for the same number of reps & sets on the opposite side.

Don’t pull up so hard that you feel a pain in your shoulder.

Watch this video to learn how to do do shoulder internal rotation stretch with towel correctly:

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