New Study Says This Workout Is 3 Times Better For Your Health Than Walking!

Walking is beneficial but doesn’t provide the same health benefits as exercise. However, getting in your daily steps is a great beginning. These days many people wear a Fitbit or an Apple watch to monitor their daily step counts. And then, they try to hit 10,000 steps daily to improve their health and stay fit.

A Workout that is three times better for your health & fitness than walking

Read here a new study about a “three times better workout” for your health and fitness than walking.

Undoubtedly, walking is an excellent form of exercise. It’s easy. You require no membership or expensive equipment to start and can do it anywhere. And for many people, reaching a specific daily goal, be it 7,000 or 10,000 steps, is good enough to keep them healthy and in good shape.

However, a new research study has found a workout more effective for your health than walking and about three times as beneficial as those daily strolls.

The Framingham Heart Study (2021) followed 2,070 adults and tracked the amount of exercise they performed using accelerometers. According to this study published in the European Heart Journal, moderate or vigorous exercise—defined as a pace of between 100 to 129 steps per minute or over 130 steps per minute, respectively—was ideal for the participants’ well-being and overall health. And it’s three times more beneficial than casual walking (defined as taking 60 to 99 steps per minute). (Source)

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The study’s lead author, Matthew Nayor, MD, MPH, a cardiologist at Boston Medical Center and assistant professor of medicine at Boston University, reported:

“We were surprised to find that higher amounts of moderate-vigorous physical activity, like exercise, was more effective as compared to walking in improving the body’s ability to start and sustain lower levels of exertion.”

Nayor further added: “If your goal is to slow down the inevitable decline in your fitness level that occurs with aging or to improve your fitness level, doing at least a moderate level of exertion [through intentional exercise] is over three times more effective as compared to just walking at a relatively low pace.”

What’s more, it was also found that more vigorous physical activity can actually fight some of the health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle.

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Nayor further says: “We found that persons with higher-than-average steps per day, or moderate-vigorous physical activity, had higher-than-average fitness levels, irrespective of how much time they spent sedentary. Thus, it appears that much of the negative effect that being sedentary has on fitness may also be offset by performing higher levels of physical activity and exercise.”

So if you’re aiming to improve your overall well-being and fitness level, you don’t necessarily need to get into a hardcore exercise routine — you might pick up the walking pace a bit.

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