You might not know how badly these common habits could be harming your heart and significantly increasing your risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases over time.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death around the world. Most people carelessly embrace certain eating habits that damage their heart health on a continued basis. It’s not only a sedentary lifestyle that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease but also bad eating habits.

Are your eating habits putting you at risk of heart diseases?

Read on to learn the five common eating habits that you must avoid if you don’t want heart disease.


Skipping breakfast

Many people very often skip their morning meals because of their busy schedule or as part of an intermittent fasting routine. Unfortunately, doing so could be a big contributor to heart problems later in their lives.

As per a 2019 study reported in the Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease, among a group of 199,634 adults who had not been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease at the start of their respective study periods, those who didn’t eat breakfast regularly had 21% greater risk of serious symptoms from cardiovascular disease (like angina and heart attack) or death from cardiovascular disease compared to those who ate breakfast on a regular basis.

# 2

Regularly eating refined carbohydrates

Intake of refined carbohydrates, such as from white bread to sugary snacks, can cause your heart disease risk to soar. However, you can include some fiber-rich carbs in your daily diet.

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According to a 2021 study reported in The BMJ, among a group of 148,858 participants in the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study living in twenty-one countries, people with the highest consumption of refined grains had the highest risk of heart-disease-related health problems and overall mortality.

# 3

Eating red and processed meat

If you regularly eat red or processed meats, such as bacon and sausage, you could be harming your heart without even knowing it.

A 2021 meta-analysis reported in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition showed that each daily increase of fifty grams of red meat increased coronary heart disease risk by 9%, and each daily increase of fifty grams of processed meat raised coronary heart disease risk by 18%.

# 4

Eating fried foods

You probably have heard that fried food isn’t good for your health, but you might not know just how bad it can harm your cardiovascular health.

A pooled data analysis reported in the journal Heart in 2021 showed that each 4-ounce (approximately 114-gram) increase in weekly fried food intake was linked with significantly higher heart disease risks. People who ate the most fried food also had a 37% higher risk of heart failure, a 28% greater risk of major cardiovascular events, and a 22% higher risk of coronary heart disease than those who consumed the lowest amounts of fried food.

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# 5

Eating late at night

If you want your heart to stay healthy, you need to avoid those midnight snacks.

According to a 2020 study reported in the Journal of the American Heart Association, among a group of 7,771 adults without cancer, diabetes, or heart disease at the beginning of the study period, persons who indulged in eating at night regularly had increased arterial stiffness, which is associated with cardiovascular disease.

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