In this article you will learn (i) Why you should do body weight exercises? (ii) When to make them harder? (iii) When is a good time to focus on body-weight workouts?

Lifting your body-weight is one of the best forms of workouts out there. You can do body weight exercises without using any equipment, anywhere & at any time such as pushups & squats. But before you jump into body weight exercises, you might want to know answers to the following questions.

# 1 Why should you do body-weight exercises?

(i) Body-weight exercises are typically more functional. It means they imitate real-life movements unlike the exercises that are performed in gym like set-ups.

(ii) While doing body weight exercises, you operate in a 3-dimensional frame – so a range of stabilizer muscles also get involved.

(iii) Body-weight exercises are good whatever your fitness level is. For beginners, it’s a great way to start with because the body-weight exercises make you stronger & more flexible not only for the movements that are involved in the everyday activities, but also for the weight training. And, if you’re more advanced, you can make the body weight exercises harder by performing them faster. In other words, they are great workout no matter at what fitness level you are.

(iv) If you are new to the gym, rehabilitating or aiming to enhance your endurance for a new training program, body-weight exercises can really help you a lot.

How To Know When Your Body Is Ready To Make The Work Harder?

The best way to recognize this is to keep a watch on your recovery. If you’re not feeling sore after the exercises, you can increase the volume or amount of work. For example, if you’re able to perform 20-plus repetitions of an exercise and does not feel challenged, it’s most likely time to increase the intensity of that exercise.

When Is It Good Time To Focus On Body-Weight Exercises?

They are good option while travelling, whether with your family during vacation or alone on a business purpose. The good thing about them is that you don’t get excuse to skip them. They help you keep focus on your fitness goal.

Moreover, even when it’s busy time in the gym you can do your favorite body weight exercise or may superset with a body-weight exercise so that you don’t have to look for availability of two different machines. You can work on the machine, followed by a body-weight movement, and go back & forth to get the resistance going.

Watch this video to learn how to do Pushups:

Watch this video to learn how to do Squats:


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