What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Faster
If you've plateaued in your weight loss plan, try these simple, expert-approved tricks that boost metabolism and burn fat — no crazy diets or weird workouts required, only easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast And Safely

“The snag with dieting,” is that it takes its own sweet time and if you desire to look fit and slim-down for some special occasion in short time, say few weeks or a month, then you need to come up with a real and fast-track fat-torching plan.

Although, taking a long-term approach to lose pounds is prudent as it means you’ll lose weight slowly and steadily – making it more likely that you’ll keep the fat off.

But what if you want to transform your body more quickly. We have found out 10 science-based slim-down secrets to transform your body the real-world way – that’s too without starvation, bizarre supplements, or cutting out entire food groups. How? It’s all just about small sacrifices combined with some specific techniques. In fact, we talked to the experts and readers who knocked off 10, 25, even 60 pounds with some easy tricks. Are you getting impatient to know the tricks. Read on to know the secrets.

What Are The Quick Ways To Lose Weight?

1. Drink Mainly Water To Avoid Calories In A Glass: Energy or a sports drink, fruit smoothie, or lighter beer contains about 100 calories. Yet the body does not register liquid calories in the same way as the 100 calories solid calories; say 100 calories of a big whole grain bread chicken sandwich does.

Moreover, the liquids (other than water) may be high in carbohydrates and sodium, which dupe your body into retaining water, puffing you out. Consequently, though the cafe mocha contains higher number of calories than a big whole grain bread chicken sandwich, you’re still more likely to want a second cup from Starbucks than another big whole grain bread sandwich. Thus the trick to lose weight fast is to control your consumption of juice, soda, coffee drinks, and beer / wine. If you drink one each of such beverages during a day, you’ll have guzzled in not less than 900 additional calories by nighttime — and strangely you’ll still be hungry. On top of that alcohol plays a spoil-sport suppressing the metabolism of fat, causing it harder for your body system to burn those extra calories.

On the other hand, water contains zero calories and carbohydrates with a little to no sodium, making it an ideal slim-down drink. Moreover, it genuinely causes to flush out excess water weight as well as rev up your metabolism. If you feel plain water is too irking, simply add in lemon slices or mint leaves.

2. Enjoy Drinking Green Tea: A study on the metabolic effects of drinking green tea found that the green-tea drinkers burn about 70 calories more in a day. There is no magic in it. The researchers believe this is due to the presence of metabolism-enhancing antioxidants, the potent catechins in the green tea.

3. Cut Down On Salt: Sodium promotes water retention, causing you look and feel puffy. The experts suggest consuming less than 2400 milligrams of salt a day. But a study has found that usually people consume much more than that daily. In order to keep control on your daily salt consumption, you not only have to ditch the saltshaker, but also keep watch on the consumption of hidden sources such as soups, canned foods, salty snacks (chips, pretzels, packaged foods).

Here is what Heather Del Baso, Worcester, MA says: “I reached my goal weight after I stopped routinely buying snacks at the grocery store. If I wanted a bag of chips or a candy bar, I had to walk to the store to get it. That inconvenience usually made me ignore my cravings.”

4. Take Care What You Order: What Kerri Butler, Joplin, MO says need no elaboration: “I used to eat out at restaurants up to nine times a week! By cutting back to just once a week and ordering a grilled chicken salad instead of a large bowl of pasta, I’ve lost 20 pounds in one month.”

5. Never Skip Your Meals: Don’t carry wrong notion that skipping meals will lead you to losing weight. This strategy rather boomerangs as your body assumes food is in short supply, thus it will slacken your metabolism rate so as to preserve energy. As a consequence, when you do eat – even if you intake your usual food – your system will act slowly to utilize the calories as fuel, so building up unsolicited pounds! Bo Hale, Tulsa, OK rightly says: “I used to skip breakfast, but now I never go without. I always eat about 300 calories of a healthy mix of protein and whole grains. My go-to meal: a sandwich with natural peanut butter and apple butter. It keeps my hunger down so I snack less throughout the day. In a little over a year, I’ve shed 65 pounds.”

Family Fitness Tip: If you don’t have sufficient time for a sit-down meal, keep an energy bar or a piece of fruit in your purse or briefcase — anything that refrain you from being hungry.

6. Spicing Up Does Help To Lose Weight Fast: Angelo Tremblay, Ph.D., director of the division of kinesiology at Laval University, in Canada, observed that eating hot peppers can uplift the basal metabolism (the total calories the body burns while at rest). Moreover, eating hot peppers may also moderate your appetite, Tremblay says, facilitating to rein in your cravings. Thus spice up your stir-fried veggies, devour low-calorie chili or salsa (try them on salads and baked potatoes), and watch the fat getting shed off faster.

7. Squeeze In 30 Minutes Of Exercise Per Day: If you’re working towards a fast weight loss, you’re perhaps already working out a couple of times a week. Anyways, whether you exercise or not, you can squash in an opportunity on all those other weight-loss wannabes by doing a little bit extra each day, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator; walk to the bus, train, or all the way to the office; window-shop with your best friend rather than sit over beer or coffee. Also then taking the dog out for a walk, gardening or even housecleaning – they all enhance the amount of calories you burn up. You don’t have necessarily to go for a jog (although that would help!) to get faster weight loss. Even thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day results into burning of approximately 700 additional calories.

Family Fitness Tip: Megan Tiscareno, Hammond, IN says – “I try to fit in small bouts of exercise whenever possible, like doing jumping jacks or crunches during television commercials or dancing while washing dishes. This burns extra calories and keeps me from mindlessly munching in front of the TV. Now my clothes fit way better, and I’m more toned than ever.”

8. Evening Walk: No doubt, exercising any time is an effective way to faster weight loss. Nevertheless, evening activity especially is helpful as usually the metabolism rate slackens by the end of the day. Twenty minutes of physical activity boost up your metabolism and keep it raised for another couple of hours, even if you stop moving thereafter. And this means – the extra dinner calories get less opportunity to take up permanent abode on your belly.

Total Fitness Tip: Lauren Castor, Anniston, AL says – “When I wanted to fit into my skinny jeans again, I started running 20 minutes a day during my lunch hour. In two months, I’ve lost 20 pounds, have tons of energy, and just finished my first 5K. Those jeans? They’re too big now!”

9. Sleep O’ Dear: Although, it may sounds strange to you, but sleep deprivation can make you fat. As per researchers at the University of Chicago, women who get less than four hours of sleep a night have a slower metabolism rate than those who sleep for a full eight hours. Also as your body builds muscle while you snooze, getting zzz’s means better toned-muscles. Thus don’t skip on your zzz’s, and you’ll be remunerated with an extra edge when it comes to losing pounds quickly.

10. Keep Away From White Bread And Pasta: Ban all white grain products — like white rice, spaghetti, sandwich rolls. This means instantly slimming as the simple carbs in such foods bring about bloating, particularly around your belly. To quote Jana Klauer, M.D., author ofThe Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan: “Simple carbohydrates wreak havoc on your weight because they’re digested very quickly, leaving you hungry and more likely to overeat later,”

Home Fitness Tip: To lose weight fastest, go a step further – instead of substituting them with healthier yet still bloat-causing whole-grain bread products, use instead vegetables for the week. This means, a chicken sandwich converts into chicken salad, and chips and dip becomes carrots and dip. The complex carbs contained in vegetables are digested more slowly, so you stay full longer. Moreover as veggies are mostly water, they also cause flushing out excess water weight.

Total Fitness Tip: There are number of weight-loss gimmicks in the market, which claim to have the ability to shed off 10 pounds in 10 days, or whatever. Out of desperation people fall prey to such hypes, but such schemes don’t work. Save money, but more seriously, keep yourself protected from the emotional pain when such ploys fail. Be realistic. Initiate your weight-loss program in ways that make sense, and you will not only be slimmer, but you’ll be cheerful as well.

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About Author: Renu Bakshi, AKA Fitness Buffhq, is ISSA Certified Elite Trainer. He passed Renu Bakshi AKA Fitness BuffhqPersonal Fitness Trainer Course, Nutrition Health Coach course & Specialist Exercise Therapy course from ISSA, USA obtaining + 97% marks. He shares his experience and knowledge about nutrition and effective workouts to get you in the best shape of your life, no matter how old you may be. The author says: “For me age is just a number!”

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