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How To Build 6 Pack Abs

Six-Pack Abs: How to Build a Better Core

As a personal fitness trainer, I hear one common question over and over again. And not from the people of a specific age group, but people of all ages, sexes, and levels of physical...
Leg Pull Front Pilates

How To Do Leg Pull Front – VIDEO, Benefits, Precautions

Pilates Leg Pull Front Exercise - VIDEO, Benefits, Modifications, Variations, Tips & Precautions In this article you will learn how to do Leg-Pull Front Pilates correctly, with demo VIDEO, step-by-step instructions, benefits & tips. Muscles Targeted Shoulders,...
Healthy, Flexible, Strong Joints

11 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy As You Grow Old

In this article (guide) you will learn 11 best ways & tips to keep your joints healthy, strong, flexible and  avoid joint pains as you age. How To Keep Your Joints Healthy, Strong & Flexible? 1....
Prone Lying Hamstring Curl Exercise

Prone Lying Hamstring Curls – Strengthening Knees|VIDEO

Prone Lying Hamstring Curls exercise tones & strengthens hamstring muscles, the muscles that run along the backs of your thighs. Stronger hamstrings mean strong knees. In this article, you will find how to do "hamstring...
Fiber For Seniors

Why & How To Increase Fiber Intake For Seniors

As you grow old, your body changes. Your digestion system slows down and doesn’t work as efficiently as it used to. The inefficient digestion system causes constipation, and your body doesn’t absorb nutrients effectively...
How To Do Wall Squat

How To Do Wall Squat Exercise Correctly I Video & Tips

Wall squats is an excellent leg-strengthening exercise, especially the quadriceps (front of the thighs) muscles, but protects the knees – so effectively it works to strengthen your knees. In this article you will learn how...
Standing Hip Extension-Women:Men:Seniors:Beginners

Standing Hip Extension (Tips/Video) – Stronger Glutes / Hamstrings

In the first place why we need to do Hip Extension Exercise? In our daily life we do more of the movements that involve hip-flexion muscles than the hip-extension. Look at the people around...
Pre workout Snacks/Meals

6 Best Foods To Eat Before Workout

You pack your gym bag with the workout kit; pick your water bottle and head towards your gym. But there is one more thing very important, eating before you take on cardio...
Alternating Step Ups At Home

How To Do Alternating Step ups Exercise At Home I Video

Step-ups exercise works on all the major muscle groups in your lower body. Although, the quads are hit the most, but this exercise involves glutes, hamstrings and calves also. In this article is shown How...
Standing Hamstring Curls Exercise

Standing Knee Curls For Seniors – Benefits, Tips & VIDEO

Standing knee curls is a bodyweight exercise. It strengthens hamstring muscles. Stronger hamstrings in turn contribute for strengthening your knees & improving flexibility. In this article is shown how to do knee curls exercise for...