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Alternating Step Ups At Home

How To Do Alternating Step ups Exercise At Home I Video

Step-ups exercise works on all the major muscle groups in your lower body. Although, the quads are hit the most, but this exercise involves glutes, hamstrings and calves also. In this article is shown How...
Standing Hamstring Curls Exercise

Standing Knee Curls For Seniors – Benefits, Tips & VIDEO

Standing knee curls is a bodyweight exercise. It strengthens hamstring muscles. Stronger hamstrings in turn contribute for strengthening your knees & improving flexibility. In this article is shown how to do knee curls exercise for...
Walking Lunges

How To Do Walking Lunges Correctly | VIDEO, Benefits & Tips

Walking lunges workout is an advanced version of stationary lunges. They are a great way to strengthen lower body muscles, including hamstrings, quadriceps, core, hips, and glutes. In this article, you will find how to...
What foods to eat before & after workout

What To Eat Before & After Workout?

Eating Before & After Workout Not only fuelling your body with proper nutrition before a workout is important, but re-fuelling it after you finish your exercise session is equally...
heel slides exercise for knees strengthening

Lying Heel Slide Knee Strengthening Exercise-VIDEO, Benefits, Tips

To put in simple words “Heel Slide Knee Workout” is a knee strengthening exercise that involves sliding your heel/foot against a flat surface towards your butt. Heel Slide Workout Benefits - What Are Heel Raises...
Knee Extension For Seniors

Knee Extension Exercise For Seniors

Knee Extension Exercise For Seniors helps the elderly maintain good balance and avoid falls. Practicing full knee extension for seniors improves their ability to stand easily and maintain functional independence. In this...
Morning Stretches In Bed

5 Minutes, 5 Steps Morning Stretches You can Do In Bed

Should you stretch in the morning on waking up? To answer this, let us first see what happens when you sleep at night. Your muscles remain inert through most of the night. That’s why when...
Short Arc Quads Exercise

Short Arc Quadriceps Exercise – A Knees Strengthening Workout

Continue reading here to learn how to perform Short Quads exercise perfectly with tips & VIDEO demonstrating it’s correct form, technique & proper movements. Short Arc Quads Benefits The...
Pillow Squeeze Exercise

In Between Knees Pillow Pressing

You require only a pillow to do pillow squeeze exercise. This easy exercise can be done anywhere, even right in your living room or balcony. It works on your inner thighs muscles, so helps...
Healthy Eating Tips For Older Adults

10 Healthy Eating Tips For Older Adults

Healthy Eating & Nutrition Tips change a little, as we grow older. Why so? Because as you age, your metabolism slows down - meaning that you require fewer calories than before. On...