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Chair Squats - Seniors & Beginners

Chair Squats For Seniors & Beginners / Video

In this article, you will find guide on how to do chair squats correctly, correct form, chair squats benefits and important tips with VIDEO. If you’re a senior, beginner or new to doing squats, chair...
Ways To Increase Dietary

5 Simple Ways To Eat More Fiber

Follow these easy ways & tips to help you eat more fiber so as to reduce your risks of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Getting enough fiber is important for preventing chronic diseases such...
Drinks Good For Heart - Drinks Bad For Heart

What Drinks Are Good Or Bad For Your Heart?

We hear a lot about what we should eat or not eat to keep our heart healthy. Load up on vegetables and fruits, eat adequate amount of fiber and steer clear of trans fats...
Fat, Oil & Heart Health

Fats, Oils & Heart Health – Guidelines & Tips

Learn here what fats are good for heart health, guidelines & tips to help choose healthy fat alternatives & increase intake of healthy fats. Though eating fatty food is generally considered a bad thing, but...
Osteoporosis & Exercise

Osteoporosis & Exercise Facts Sheet – Safe Ways!

Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in seniors, especially older women. This is a bone-weakening disease, which often leads to fractures in the hip and spine and can severely impair your independence and...
Calcium Deficiency Symptoms & Signs

Calcium Deficiency Symptoms & Signs

Deficiency of calcium, also known Hypocalcemia, may not show any symptom in its early stages. In most cases, it’s usually mild. But without proper treatment, it can aggravate and become life threatening. In this article,...
Shoulders Side Raises With Resistance Band

Resistance Band Lateral/Side Raises-How To With Video

How To Do Resistance Band Lateral Raises Properly? Lateral raises with resistance band is an easy exercise that you can do at home, for that matter anywhere, without equipment. Resistance bands are simple to use,...
Aerobic Exercise For Senior Fitness & Longevity

Aerobic (Cardio) Exercise For LONGEVITY & FITNESS

We all want to live a long life, but don’t like to grow old. For many centuries, scientists have been searching for the fountain of youth in order to discover ways or invent some...
Dumbbell Front Raises Correct Form & Movements

How To Do Dumbbell Front Raises For Shoulders Properly

Muscles Worked: Front & Sides of Shoulder, Upper Chest Equipment Needed: Dumbbells Are Dumbbell Front Raises Good For Shoulders? The front raise with dumbbells is a classic weight training exercise that is good for beginners. You can include...
How much added sugar per day

What Is Added Sugar & How Much Added Sugar Per Day

In this article are explained (i) What is Added Sugar? (ii) Added Sugar vs Natural Sugar and (iii) How much Added Sugar you can eat per day? What Is Added Sugar? Sugar in your diet can...