Smart snacking between your meals can restrain your hunger so that you don’t gobble up the dining table when you finally sit down for supper or dinner. Make sure not to just wolf down whatever first come your way, when your tummy rumbles? Smart snacking can also help you get in all the nutrients you need. On the downside, bad snacking habits (especially grazing on foods of little nutritional value or too much) can add on extra pounds around your waistline.

I have put together a list of good snacking habits while whipping out the bad ones so that you can shape up your body.

Smart Tips To Help You Ditch Your Bad Snacking Habits

1. Good Snacking: Go for healthy foods with high, protein and fiber contents and those that keep your sugar level low as well. A bonus point is that they digest slowly. Develop snacking habit with an aim to keep your hunger under control so that you make better choices when it comes to main meal times.

Total Fitness Tip: You cannot make a wise decision in a shopping mall or restaurant if you are starving, so make sure to keep your body fuelled throughout the day.

2. Bad Snacking: Keep yourself away from biscuits, crisps, and all processed foods. They are bunkum at satisfying your hunger, and they don’t provide you any nutritional perks that you require to make it to the next meal. If you choose a mid-morning chocolate bar, an hour later you’ll be hungrier than before you ate it. This is due to the fact that you’ll have a sudden spurt in blood sugars, followed by a crunch that leaves you craving for more. You’ll most likely feel guilty also and will have set yourself up for a bad day.

3. Plan Your Snacks – Adapt Your Habits To Good Snacking: To avoid bad choices, you need to think about what times of day you usually get hungry; so that you can plan out that a healthy weight loss snack is ready at such times. Knowing what and when you need to eat will stop you from giving in to poor food choices.

4. Go Nuts: Nuts are an amazing snack as they’re a nice source of good fat that safeguards your heart. They’re slow to digest, making you feel full for longer. They are also chockfull of protein, micronutrients, necessary vitamins, and colon-healthy fiber.

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5. Track Your Calories Smartly: Are you aware of your daily calorie allowance? Try to eat not more than 200-400 calories a day in healthy weight-losing snacks; adjust your daily allowance accordingly (the NHS recommends that women consume 1,400 calories for weight loss and men 2,000 to maintain weight). This is the best way to spread out your meals and keep your appetite under control if you want to lose or maintain weight.

6. Lose Some Pounds: People who snack cleverly usually do better when it comes to shedding fat as they aren’t voracious when it is time for their lunch or dinner.

Best Fitness Tip: If you want to keep your weight under control, just keep in mind to become an ardent follower of this one rule and it will not disappoint you and help you make a remarkable difference in your dieting endeavors: Refrain From Processed Foods.

7. Smoothies: There are flipsides to consuming smoothies. Blending into a smoothie breaks down the fiber – a mistake as fiber makes you feel full by keeping water in your gut. A better habit is to eat food whole as often as possible. Some studies have also shown that eating foods whole means you won’t absorb all the calories.

8. Fat Is Your Friend: Does it sounds strange to you? Many decades of emphasis on low-fat diets have fluffed to reduce the weight of people and keep them lean. Many studies have observed that fat is not the enemy we once thought it was. On the contrary, fat is a great appetite suppressant – 200 calories worth of nuts or avocado will keep you much fuller than 200 calories worth of cereal or chocolate, moreover those calories will actually be good for your overall body function. What you need to do is, just eat in moderation.

Scientifically Proven Ways To Lose Fat & Tone Up Your Body

Snack yourself thin with the above healthy snacking tips!

About Author: Renu Bakshi, AKA Fitness Buffhq, is ISSA Certified Elite Trainer. He passed Fitness Buffhq - Renu bakshiPersonal Fitness Trainer Course, Nutrition Health Coach course & Specialist Exercise Therapy course from ISSA, the USA, obtaining + 97% marks. He shares his experience and knowledge about nutrition and effective workouts to get you in the best shape of your life, no matter how old you may be. The author says: “For me, age is just a number!”

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