Are you looking for some quick means to get rid of extra body fat then here is good news for you. Hold your breath; there are some quick solutions to solve this problem.  We are starting this new series on drinks, smoothies and recipes to keep you update on best solutions that can help you lose body fat quickly, especially that around your midsection.

Here is an incredible drink that takes only minutes to make and can help you get rid of body fat quickly – so that you can enjoy swimming wearing a swimsuit. The astonishing point about this magic drink is that it’s superbly effective in melting your excessive belly fat.

Miraculous Drink To Melt Belly Fat

You will need:

(i) Filtered Water: 8 ½ cups

(ii) Grated Ginger: 1 teaspoon (alternatively you can use a tablespoon of organic ginger root powder)

(iii) Cucumber: 1 medium size, thinly sliced

(iv) Lemon: 1 medium size, thinly sliced

(v) Mint leaves: 12 in numbers


Combine all the ingredients together in a pitcher and allow all the flavors and good things blend overnight. Remove the ginger, lemon slices and mint leaves from the pitcher, and then pour the drink in a glass.

I suggest you simply glug the entire drink during the course of the day! If you cannot drink all of it by end of the day, you can refrigerate it for up to 2 days and slurp it. Drink this magic solution daily for up to 4 weeks – don’t fear it’s a safe hydrating liquid.  Wow, watch how you melt your fat away slowly but surely.

Why This Magic Potion Help Melts Your Fat?

All of these natural ingredients individually have several health benefits and cleansing effects, bur when mixed together they turn into a much more healthier potion that not only purify your body system, but helps melt away extra fat.

(i) Cucumber: Their health benefits include – low in calories, work as diuretic, contain lots of fiber and keep your system alkaline. Good for losing weight!

(ii) Ginger:  The Institute for Human Nutrition at Columbia carried out a study on ginger effects. It observed that when the participants drank a hot beverage with ginger, they felt fuller and were less inclined to overeat.

(iii) Lemon: Lemons are packed with pectin fiber that helps suppress food cravings. They also work amazingly well to remove waste products from your body by cleansing and detoxifying it.

(iv) Mint: It controls appetite as it acts as an appetite suppressant. It works both as a water refreshing flavor and curbs the food cravings as well.

(v) Water: Drinking enough water is always good for your entire system. To name a few of its health benefits – supports life, hydrates the body, lubricates the joints and muscles as well during workout, and above all when drank regularly – it decreases food cravings too.

Voila; you have got now – a drink recipe, which is easy to make, will cost you pennies and helps melt excess body fat. So, what are you waiting for – start drinking it and see how you lose weight quickly. Good Luck!

Hey, if you know any magic drink recipe that melts body fat quickly – please do share with other readers below the comments…

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