Of all the fat, belly fat is most easy to put on and then reducing belly fat becomes a real tough task. Stomach fat is root-cause of a number of health problems and so it’s very important to shed it off. The daily habits that create the extra pounds around your belly are hard to change because they include eating unhealthy foods that taste good, drinking more sugary beverages & alcohol and the couch potato habit – that is being laggard.

Starting Point Of Fat Around Belly!

According to Mayo Clinic, lack of physical exercise and eating wrong kinds of food can result into gaining extra inches around your waist. Any one who works at a sedentary job doesn’t get opportunity to move around much, so increases his or her heart rate leading to muscle loss, which decreases the rate at which the body burns calories. As a consequence of this, one gains weight and naturally some of this weight is bound to gather around one’s abdominal area. And if he or she doesn’t exercise regularly, then there is less chance of losing the extra inches despite decreasing his or her caloric intake.

Other Factors That Steps Up Belly Fat Build-Up

A big natural contributory factor for accumulation of fat in abdominal area is age. Age not only leads to muscle loss, but also a concern for gaining inches around your middle.

Number 2 factor is your lifestyle, including how active you are, the kinds of food you eat, the amount of sugary beverages or alcohol you drink and the level of stress in your life.

Number 3 factor is your genes – whether your parents, including your relatives, have accumulated abdominal fat. But as per the Maya Clinic this is less of an influence than your habits and lifestyle.

Number 4 factor is trans fats like the ones that are found in margarines (stick and tub), chips, bakery products, junk and fast foods that have been fried, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, desserts and packaged foods. They all cause a re-distribution of fat around your abdominal area. To quote eMedExpert: “Continuing to eat these foods makes it difficult to reduce the belly fat, no matter how much you exercise or decrease your caloric intake”.

Types Of Belly Fat And Which Type Can Be Reduced Easily?

Abdominal fat can be divided into two categories. As per the Harvard Health Publications, fat hidden deep in the abdomen is known as visceral fat and the fat that’s positioned between the abdominal wall and your skin is known as subcutaneous fat.

Since, the visceral fat is positioned so close to a critical body vein in your abdomen, it is likely to carry fatty acids to your liver. Once these acids get in to your liver, they can lead to increase of blood lipids or fats. As per the Harvard Health Publications, this type of fat is also directly related to bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. You need to target the visceral fat in your body to help you lose the extra pounds around your stomach, because this particular fat is more responsive to additional physical exercise and reduced caloric intake.

Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat Fast

(i) As per the Mayo Clinic, the best way to start loosing belly fat quickly is to step up your level of physical activities (including exercises) while reducing your daily caloric intake.

(ii) Belly fat is sometimes called “beer belly.” If you drink beer or alcohol in general to excess, you should reduce your intake to start losing your belly fat. I suggest that instead you take wine, but it’s still a good idea to restrict taking it occasionally only.

(iii) If you’re not emboldened enough to take up exercising regularly and reduce your intake of alcohol and wrong foods, especially refined foods, you’ll not be able to get rid of the extra pounds. You need to be firmly committed for mending your lifestyle so you can rid yourself of the stubborn belly fat.

Bottom Line For Burning Belly Fat

 Although it’s not easy to “spot reduce,” still you can lose more weight and reduce size in your abdominal area if you cut down on your caloric intake and step up your level of physical activities.

To quote the Mayo Clinic: Reducing abdominal fat is critical, because the extra inches around your abdomen enhances your risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers, heart disease, insulin resistance, high triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, low levels of good cholesterol and sleep apnea, particularly in men.

Do you exercise and keep in control your caloric intake? Please share your experiences with our other readers in the comments section below.

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