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Good Eating Habits For Healthy, Stronger Heart

4 Good Eating Habits For a Stronger Heart After 50 & 60, Says Certified...

Follow these four good eating habits for a stronger and healthier heart over 50 or 60. Having a healthy heart is critical as you age, particularly because your heart undergoes significant changes with age. According to...
Best Protein Bars -2022

Best Healthiest Protein Bars Of 2022, According To Certified Nutritionist

Are you looking for a healthy snack choice to maintain lean body mass, enhance muscle recovery, or simply satiate hunger and fat loss? Fitness Buffhq says: “A protein bar is a good choice as...
Things That Increase Chances of Heart Disease

5 Things Increase Your Risks of Heart Disease Dramatically

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious health problem among older adults. Your body’s network of blood vessels, called the vascular system, changes with age. As you age, arteries get stiffer,...
Metabolism In Weight Loss

How Does Metabolism Affect Weight Loss?

You've probably heard people complaining that they barely eat anything and yet gain weight due to slow metabolism. Or you might have met people who eat whatever they want (including large portions of junk...

Push & Pull Exercises: Benefits, A Sample Workout

There are many ways to divide and plan your exercise routine. For instance, most people plan their workout routines such as an upper body day, a leg day, and a core day. However, many...

What Is Lipid Panel Test, Optimum Levels & How To Manage

In this article, you will learn about what is lipid panel test, the optimum lipid range, what affects cholesterol test, and how to bring down your lipids. A lipid panel or profile – also called...
What you can do about preventing muscle loss as you age

Muscle Loss With Age – And what can be done about it? 

Read on here about muscle mass loss in older adults as they age and what they can do to prevent muscle mass loss. Muscle weakness, instability, unsteady gait, and falling are all aging characteristics -...
Fiber Rich Foods To Lower Cholesterol Levels

Can You Control Cholesterol Without Medication?

Make sure you're getting enough of this nutrient daily. With age, in many ways. One of the most common changes is that your cholesterol levels tend to start rising. Whereas many factors affect your cholesterol...
Best drink for longer, healthier life

The Best Juice to Drink for a Long Life, Say Nutritionists

Read on here to know which drink is best for heart health that increases your chances of living longer, healthier life. There are many ways to improve your chances of living a long, healthy life,...
Best Drinks To Strengthen Bones

Four Drinks to Strengthen Bones As You Age, Say Dietitians

Probably you have heard that strong bones make a strong body. And it has been inculcated in our minds since we were young; we can build stronger bones by drinking a glass of milk...