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Does fiber Help You Live Longer?

Can Fiber Help Live Longer, Healthier Life?

Research studies found that eating more high-fiber foods is linked to a healthier, longer life. Read on for details. The Best Type Of Food For Weight Loss, Lower Blood Sugar And Cholesterol According to Lancet Medical...
Strategies To Keep Your Heart Healthy

How Can You Strengthen Your Heart? – Effective Strategies!

Many factors that weaken your heart health are well within your control. While only a few people live a healthy lifestyle, most others do so only after being diagnosed with a heart disease symptom...
High cholesterol Danger & Prevention

Knowing High Cholesterol Dangers & How To Maintain Your Cholesterol Levels In Healthy Range

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 94 million adults in the U.S. suffer from high cholesterol, making it a relatively common condition. If left untreated, high cholesterol increases the risk of...
Stop doing these things after 50 to live healthy, long life

Over 50? Experts Say: Stop Doing This Immediately

You need to stop doing these things after 50 to "slow down" your biological clock and live a longer, healthier life. Of course, life doesn't need to slow down or stop as we enter our...
Correct/Good Sitting Posture

Right Posture Tips – Sitting, Standing, Sleeping, Lifting

Learn here the guidelines & tips about maintaining good posture while sitting, standing, sleeping, lying down, or lifting heavy objects. Good posture is necessary to look your best and is essential for your long-term health....
Can Fiber Lower Your Cholesterol

Does Fiber Help Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?

Whether dietary fiber can control cholesterol, which fiber type helps lower cholesterol, and where you can get soluble fiber? Read on... Does Fiber Counteract Cholesterol? Experts claim there is enough evidence to show that increasing fiber...
How to avoid holiday heart attack syndrome

11 Ways & Tips To Avoid Holiday Heart Attack

Do you know what Holiday Heart Syndrome is? Do you know heart attack deaths during the winter holiday season are more likely to happen than any other time of year? Read on here for the...
Preventing Falls In The Elderly - Over 60, 65, 70

How To Reduce Fall Risk In Elderly – Do This Exercise

Include this trainer-approved exercise in your routine to stay strong as you get older to reduce potential risks of fall, fracture, & injuries. As you age, you may find yourself challenged with health issues you...
Tips For Seniors To Avoid Injuries During Exercise

Tips For Seniors To Prevent Injuries During Exercise

In this article, you will learn how to stay safe and reap maximum health benefits of exercise, such as preventing injuries from falls after 50 (60 or even 70) by building leg muscles and...
High Intensity Walking To Burn More Calories

Do This One Thing While Walking To Burn Twice As Many Calories, Experts Say

Walking is unarguably an excellent way to get in some exercise, whether you're casually strolling home from work or taking your regular "power-walks" with friends. It's so handy no matter where your day takes...