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how to live to 100

10 Things To Help You Live to 100, According to Fitness Buffhq

If you’re looking to live to your 100th birthday, here are the 10 things to do every day – based on what the Blue Zone residents typically do across the world. The life expectancy of...
Maintaining Healthy Weight

How To Maintain Healthy Weight & Its Importance

Learn here (i) Why weight changes as you get older, (ii) Why it’s important to maintain a healthy weight, (iii), And what you can do to keep a healthy weight? Various factors affect your weight...
fibre for healthier, longer life

The ‘power nutrient’ for longer, healthier life that most people lack in their diet

According to the American Society of Nutrition, although fiber is a champion of nutrients, and yet, most people aren’t including enough of it in their diet. A 2017 study in the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library...
Cardiologist Recommend Food to lower cholesterol & keep your heart healthy

5 Secret Foods To Lower Cholesterol & Keep Your Heart Healthy, According To Cardiologists

One of the most common health concerns that people have is high cholesterol. But a pill does not always have to be the solution, as it can have side effects. The foods we eat have...
Five Habits That Could Add Ten Years To Your Life

Five Habits That Could Add Ten Years To Your Life

Living longer disease-free into old age is not just genes and luck. A large Harvard study reveals how we can work for it and how we can know if we are on track. A 30-year...
5 Top Walking Habits

Five Walking Habits That Slow Aging, Fitness Buffhq Reveals

In this article, you will find five walking habits that can improve your overall health and slow down aging. Most people underestimate the power of a brisk walk. According to Mayo Clinic, incorporating this type of...

3 Types of Exercise That Improve Heart Health

Being physically active is a significant step toward boosting heart health as we age. Whereas there are many ways to move your body, this article lists the most important types to promote your heart...
Exercise Habits That Slow Down Aging

Exercise Habits That Slow Aging – According To Doctors!

When you think of any fitness regimen, you are likely looking forward to achieving a handful of benefits, and that'll motivate you to put in the effort. For example, you may want to lose...
heart healthy fruit & vegetables

How To Increase Your Fruit & Veggies Intake For Heart Health

Eating plenty of naturally colorful fruit and vegetables can help lower your risk of heart disease and keep you fit & healthy. Read on... That's not all; veggies and fruit can further help to protect...
Superfoods for healthy smoothies

Flax, chia, or turmeric – Which superfoods to add to your smoothies, & why?

Are you looking for what are good foods to put in a smoothie? Then read on here for the top superfoods that make the best smoothie ingredients. Smoothies are an easy, great, and yummy doorway...