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Good Sitting Posture Guidelines & Tips

Good Sitting Posture Guidelines & Tips – Healthy Back/Spine

Read here to learn why posture is important for spine, back & health - simple rules & guidelines to correct, achieve & maintain good posture. A majority of people sits long periods of time during...
dumbbell shoulder press for seniors & beginners

How To Do Shoulder Press With Dumbbells – VIDEO

In this article, you will learn how to do Standing Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, the mistakes that you should avoid with Tips & VIDEO. Dumbbell Shoulder Press (also known as Overhead Dumbbell Press) is a...
Best Tips To Keep Spine Healthy As We Age

8 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Spine As You Age

Read on here to learn best 8 tips about how do you keep your spine in good shape, healthy & strong as you age? People ask me often about the simple guidelines & tips for...
How To Do Shoulder Stretches With Towel Correctly

How To Towel Shoulder Stretch Exercise – Demo VIDEO

Learn with VIDEO how to do Shoulder Stretches with towel. Towel Shoulder Stretch helps increase flexibility & shoulders' range of motion. Tightness in your shoulder can limit your ability to perform simple basic day-to-day tasks...
Shoulder Cross Body Stretch Benefits, Form & Technique

Across The Body Shoulder Stretch-Benefits, VIDEO & Tips

Read on to learn how to do Across The Body Shoulder Stretch properly, its benefits with VIDEO, Step-by-step instructions & tips. Today we are going to talk about across the body shoulder stretch. This is...
age related changes - muscles bones joints

Age Related Changes – Muscles, Bones And Joints

In this article, you will find what are the effects of ageing on muscles, bones & joints, why they occur & how to prevent or slow down them. Certain age-related changes are unavoidable, such as...
Incline Dumbbells Reverse Fly

How To Do Incline Dumbbell Reverse Fly – VIDEO/Tips

Read on to learn: How to do Incline Dumbbell Reverse Flyes exercise on incline bench, its benefits with VIDEO (step-by-step instructions) & important tips. The Dumbbell Reverse Fly On Incline Bench is an upper-body exercise...
Neck Stretches For Neck Pain Relief

Home Remedies To Relieve Neck Pain & Tight Neck Muscles

I am starting a new series of posts on neck pain, how to release tension in neck muscles, increase neck flexibility & strengthen neck muscles. With most of us working on our computers and looking...
How To Do Planks Correctly

How To Do Plank Exercise Correctly (Step-By-Step) | Video

Learn in this video how to do planks for beginners, seniors (whether men or women) – explained step-by-step with VIDEO and planks benefits. Planks are one of the best exercises for a strong stomach because...
Tips To Prevent Low Back Pain

Top 7 Ways/Tips To Protect Lower Back & Prevent Pain

In this article, learn 7 top ways/tips to protect & strengthen your low back to prevent low back injury and low back pain. The nature has engineered your lower back in such a manner so...