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Bad Workout Habits

9 Bad Fitness Habits You Should Break

As a fitness trainer, I often see people making mistakes while working out in gym or at home. These bad fitness habits sub-optimize their workouts and as a result they fail to...
Straight Leg Raises Workout

Straight Leg Raise Exercise To Strengthen Knees

I am starting today a new series of exercises for strengthening knees & preventing knee pain. The best way to strengthen your knees is to strengthen the muscles that support your knees and...
Pushup after 50

Pushups After 50 | How To Do? I Step-by-Step Instructions

Last week I was introduced to one 55-year-old guy. On knowing that I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, he asked me: “Should Seniors do pushups?” I simply gave him an affirmative...
Glute Bridge With Adduction & Knee Extension

Glute Bridge With Adduction and Knee Extension Exercise

Does your job involve spending long hours sitting behind a desk? If yes then your glutes are likely to get weak over time with lower back problems. Moreover, people...
What to Eat in Your 60s?

What to Eat in Your 60s? | Healthy Eating Guidelines After 60

Before I discuss about the healthy eating over 60, let us first have a brief look at some general healthy eating guidelines. Irrespective of our age, we should try to eat a balanced, healthy...
Glute Bridge March Exercise

How To Do Marching Hip Raises | Video, Form, Tips

Most people overlook Marching Hip Raise exercise (also known as Marching Glute Bridge or Glute Bridge March), but actually it’s a great exercise to work on your glutes and strengthen core.
How To Select Peanut Butter

How to Choose The Healthiest Peanut Butter?

Shopping Tips for Peanut Butter, An All-American Favorite. Very few people know what to look for when shopping for peanut butter. Actually, you...
Hip Marching Exercise

Hip Marching – Improve Hip Mobility & Flexibility | Strengthen Hips & Thighs

I am starting a special series on exercise & fitness videos, especially for the elderly people. This is the first post in this series.  Hip marching exercise improve hip mobility, strengthen hips &...
Eating Healthy Over 60

How To Eat Healthy In Your 60s – Healthy Eating Habits

As you reach your 60s, it’s time for you to pay more attention to your diet. Your nutritional needs...
Banana For Fitness

Why & When To Eat Banana For Fitness

Banana is one of the best recovery foods after a tough work out. This explains why bananas are offered up after most of athletic events. Further more, they are also popular for...