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Eating Healthy Over 60

How To Eat Healthy In Your 60s – Healthy Eating Habits

As you reach your 60s, it’s time for you to pay more attention to your diet. Your nutritional needs...
Banana For Fitness

Why & When To Eat Banana For Fitness

Banana is one of the best recovery foods after a tough work out. This explains why bananas are offered up after most of athletic events. Further more, they are also popular for...
Regaining Muscle Mass After 50

Regaining Muscle Mass In 50s| How To Regain Muscle Mass After 50?

When the people reach 50, they suddenly realize that they have lost a lot of muscle mass on one hand, and on the other have gained fat – especially around their mid-section. Many of...
Is Dairy Good Or Bad For You

Are Dairy Products Good or Bad For Health?

Whereas people tend to accept that vegetables & fruits are healthy options, but they seem to have conflicting opinions about dairy, and so the dairy products set off more discussion - Is...
Weight Training Tips For Men Over 50

11 Weight/Strength/Resistance Training Tips For Men/Women Over 50

In any gym, you will usually find most of the men working out are in their 20s and 30s, and some of them in 40s, but you’ll hardly find any in 50s or over...
Svend Press Chest

Svend Press – Correct Form, Technique, Tips Video

Main Muscle Worked: Chest Indirectly involved: Front Shoulder Type: Strength Level: Beginner Equipment: Two Weight Plates
why body weight exercises

Why Should You Do Body Weight Exercises?

In this article you will learn (i) Why you should do body weight exercises? (ii) When to make them harder? (iii) When is a good time to focus on body-weight workouts? Lifting your body-weight is...
How To Deal With Muscle Soreness After Workout

If You Have Muscle Soreness After Workout, Here’s What To Do?

Post-workout soreness can result from trying a new exercise or because of increasing the overall intensity of your exercise session. It’s a signal from your body that you must take notice of....
Weight or Cardio First

Is It Better To Start With Cardio Or Weight Training

Which comes first: weights or cardio? No matter how good you are in understanding exercise science, there are still some situations where it gets debatable. The answer is not so simple; it’s...
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Dumbbell One-Arm Triceps Extension – Video, Form, Technique

Type: Strength Training Main Muscle Worked: Triceps Equipment:Dumbbell Level: Beginner/Intermediate Rating: 8.5 The one-arm overhead dumbbell triceps...