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Pre Workout Warmup

Importance Of Perfect Warm-Up & Its Components

One of the common mistakes in any exercise routine is not warming up. Often we are too excited to jump straight into our main exercise routine without doing a good warm-up session. But it...
Nutrition For Elderly Folks

How To Meet Nutritional Needs For Elderly – Tips!

Proper Nutrition In Old Age! For staying healthy as we age, eating a well-balanced diet is very important. It helps us to get the nutrients we need, stay energized and maintain a healthy weight. Read on...
Vitamin B12:Deficiency-Symptoms-Sources

Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Symptoms, Vitamin B12 Sources

Learn here why you need Vitamin B12, its deficiency, symptoms, sources of vitamin B12 & how vegetarians & vegans can get vitamin B12. In this article, you will find: (i) What vitamin B12 does in your...
How To Increase Flexibility in Old Age

How To Maintain, Regain & Increase Flexibility As You Age

Read on here what Is the impact of age on flexibility, can you regain flexibility after 50 (60 or even 65), & how to stay flexible as you age. What Is the Impact Of Age...
Natural Ways To Lower LDL Cholesterol

Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Naturally Without Medication

In this article, you will learn the natural ways to lower your LDL cholesterol without taking medication & drugs. What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is naturally present in your body’s cell...
Best Natural Sources Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C Needs & Best Way To Get Vitamin C Naturally?

In this article you will learn how much vitamin C should you take, how to get vitamin C naturally & what foods are highest in vitamin C. I will cover: (i) What are the best natural...
Increase Stamina Endurance After 60 or 70

How To Increase Endurance & Stamina After 65 or Even 70

Learn here easy & simple way to increase stamina & endurance after 65, or even 70 & 3 methods to maintain your workout in safe training zone Even in old age, one must do endurance...
Vitamin D from sunshine

How To Get More Vitamin D From The Sun?

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about vitamin D & sunlight: (i) How to get more vitamin D from the Sun? (ii) What is the best time of the day to...
Protein Rich Vegetarian Foods

How To Get More Protein As A Vegetarian?

I come across a lot of vegetarians who ask me: Do vegetarians get enough protein? I always tell them not to worry as vegetarians can also get plenty of protein from the diet itself...
Circuit Training Vs. HIIT, Which one is better, why & how

Circuit Training vs. HIIT – Which one is better, how & why?

In this article, you will learn how similar or different are HIIT workouts & Circuit training and which one you should do and when? High-intensity interval training, called in short as HIIT, is quite popular...