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Aging Changes On Bones

Aging Changes On Bones | Bone Loss & Prevention

In this article, you will learn what is bone loss, aging changes on bones and how do you prevent bone loss as you age – with Dos & Don’ts? Bone loss, well known as osteoporosis,...
How To Do Hips Raises Plank Exercise

Hip Raise Workout At Home – Tips, Guide & VIDEO

In this article learn, how to do hip raise exercise, it's benefits, correct form & proper technique with tips, common mistakes & VIDEO Also Known As: Hip Bridge, Glute Bridge Targets: Glutes, Core, And Hamstrings Hip Raises is an...
Age Effects|How To Increase Flexibility In Old age

How To Maintain/ Increase Flexibility In Old Age With 3 Steps

Read on to learn how age affects flexibility, why you need flexibility and how to retain & increase flexibility in old age with just 3 steps. As your body gets older, you lose flexibility. The...
Hamstring Stretches With Chair

How To Do Hamstring Chair Stretches|Low Back Pain-Sciatica

In this article, you will learn effects of tight hamstrings & how to do hamstring chair stretches with tips & VIDEO demonstrating its correct form & technique. Tight Hamstring Muscles Can Cause Low Back Or...
Age Effects On Endurance

Aging Effects On Endurance | How To Recover Endurance

What Happens To Endurance As We Age? Like muscles & bone mass, endurance declines as we age. Read on how age impacts endurance, what muscles are more prone to fatigue and how to...
Hamstring Stretches With Towel

Hamstring Stretch With Towel For Low Back Pain

Read on to learn how to do towel hamstring stretches, a super easy exercise to untighten hamstring muscles and treat low back pain. There are many different causes of lower back pain. Tight hamstring muscles,...
Knee To Chest Exercise/Stretches

Knee To Chest Exercise – Strengthening Lower Back

In this article you will learn Knee To Chest Exercise Benefits, how to do Knee To Chest Stretches exercise correctly with tips & VIDEO. The knee-to-chest exercise is an easy way to stretch your lower...
What Happens To Muscle Mass As We Age

What Happens To Muscles As We Age?

Read on here about: (i) What Happens To Muscles As We Age? (ii) Can we build muscles in old age? & (iii) How a senior can build muscles? From the time we...
Cardio Or Strength Training

Cardio or Strength – Which One is Better For Seniors?

In this article you will find which is better; Cardio or Strength Training for seniors? Should the seniors do cardio or strength training or both? Which Is Better For Older Adults - Cardio or Strength...
Seated Knee Lifts Exercise

Knee Marching Exercise For Knees Strengthening & Quads

  In this article, you will learn how to do Knee Marching Exercise with VIDEO & tips. This exercise strengthens your quads & knees. This exercise is also called Seated Knee...