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Straight Leg Raises Workout

Straight Leg Raise Exercise To Strengthen Knees

I am starting today a new series of exercises for strengthening knees & preventing knee pain. The best way to strengthen your knees is to strengthen the muscles that support your knees and...
Pushup after 50

Pushups After 50 | How To Do? I Step-by-Step Instructions

Last week I was introduced to one 55-year-old guy. On knowing that I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, he asked me: “Should Seniors do pushups?” I simply gave him an affirmative...
Glute Bridge With Adduction & Knee Extension

Glute Bridge With Adduction and Knee Extension Exercise

Does your job involve spending long hours sitting behind a desk? If yes then your glutes are likely to get weak over time with lower back problems. Moreover, people...
What to Eat in Your 60s?

What to Eat in Your 60s? | Healthy Eating Guidelines After 60

Before I discuss about the healthy eating over 60, let us first have a brief look at some general healthy eating guidelines. Irrespective of our age, we should try to eat a balanced, healthy...
Glute Bridge March Exercise

How To Do Marching Hip Raises | Video, Form, Tips

Most people overlook Marching Hip Raise exercise (also known as Marching Glute Bridge or Glute Bridge March), but actually it’s a great exercise to work on your glutes and strengthen core.
How To Select Peanut Butter

How to Choose The Healthiest Peanut Butter?

Shopping Tips for Peanut Butter, An All-American Favorite. Very few people know what to look for when shopping for peanut butter. Actually, you...
Hip Marching Exercise

Hip Marching – Improve Hip Mobility & Flexibility | Strengthen Hips & Thighs

I am starting a special series on exercise & fitness videos, especially for the elderly people. This is the first post in this series.  Hip marching exercise improve hip mobility, strengthen hips &...
Eating Healthy Over 60

How To Eat Healthy In Your 60s – Healthy Eating Habits

As you reach your 60s, it’s time for you to pay more attention to your diet. Your nutritional needs...
Banana For Fitness

Why & When To Eat Banana For Fitness

Banana is one of the best recovery foods after a tough work out. This explains why bananas are offered up after most of athletic events. Further more, they are also popular for...
Regaining Muscle Mass After 50

Regaining Muscle Mass In 50s| How To Regain Muscle Mass After 50?

When the people reach 50, they suddenly realize that they have lost a lot of muscle mass on one hand, and on the other have gained fat – especially around their mid-section. Many of...