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Old Age Corona Treatment

How To Treat Corona Virus At Home Fast – Old Age

Read here how an old man & old woman fought & defeated corona virus at home by taking a combination of allopathy & naturopathy treatments. I am 69 years old & my wife sixty years...
Workout Training Nutrition Tips For Beginners

Workout Nutrition Tips & Diet Planning For Beginners

In this article, you will find top 7 nutrition/diet planning tips that help the beginners get started with their diet and nutrition planning. Proper nutrition and diet planning is very important for any fitness goal....
Good Sitting Posture For Heathy Spine & Back

Correct Sitting Position For Good Posture & Back Health

Read on here: (i) What is Correct Posture? & (ii) Tips to maintain correct sitting position to achieve good posture, healthy spine and back. What is Correct Posture? Correct posture means that the key parts your...
Best Resources Muscles Building Gaining-Seniors_Older Adults_Elderly_Men_Women

Ultimate Guide To Gain Muscle-Seniors/Older Adults/Men/Women

Find here a collection of the best resources for gaining/regaining muscle mass fast for the older adults & seniors - both men & women. The Ultimate Guide To Gaining Muscle Are you looking for gaining/regaining muscle...
Older Adults Weight Loss Diet

Best Diet For Older Adults To Lose Weight & Retain Muscles

Read on to learn what is the best diet plan for seniors/older adults to lose weight while improving/maintaining bone density & muscle mass. Older adults (over 40, 50, 60 or even 70) tend to lose...
Good Sitting Posture Guidelines & Tips

Good Sitting Posture Guidelines & Tips – Healthy Back/Spine

Read here to learn why posture is important for spine, back & health - simple rules & guidelines to correct, achieve & maintain good posture. A majority of people sits long periods of time during...
dumbbell shoulder press for seniors & beginners

How To Do Shoulder Press With Dumbbells – VIDEO

In this article, you will learn how to do Standing Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, the mistakes that you should avoid with Tips & VIDEO. Dumbbell Shoulder Press (also known as Overhead Dumbbell Press) is a...
Best Tips To Keep Spine Healthy As We Age

8 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Spine As You Age

Read on here to learn best 8 tips about how do you keep your spine in good shape, healthy & strong as you age? People ask me often about the simple guidelines & tips for...
How To Do Shoulder Stretches With Towel Correctly

How To Towel Shoulder Stretch Exercise – Demo VIDEO

Learn with VIDEO how to do Shoulder Stretches with towel. Towel Shoulder Stretch helps increase flexibility & shoulders' range of motion. Tightness in your shoulder can limit your ability to perform simple basic day-to-day tasks...
Shoulder Cross Body Stretch Benefits, Form & Technique

Across The Body Shoulder Stretch-Benefits, VIDEO & Tips

Read on to learn how to do Across The Body Shoulder Stretch properly, its benefits with VIDEO, Step-by-step instructions & tips. Today we are going to talk about across the body shoulder stretch. This is...