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Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training Over 50 or 60

Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training Over 50

Are you a senior over 50 or even 60, & looking to lose flab – but at the time want to retain (or increase) your muscle & bone...
Which Fat Type Should You Be Eating

Which Fat You Should Be Eating And How Much?

For many decades we were told that we should minimize the use of fat in our diet in order to cut down the risk for cardiovascular disease. The...
Barbell Incline Bench Post

Incline Bench Press|Video, Correct Form, Technique, Tips

The incline barbell bench press exercise is a variation of bench press. It’s used to develop chest muscles, especially the upper segment of the chest & increase shoulder...
Plant Foods Protein Sources

Plant-Based Protein: What Options You Have, If You Are A Vegetarian Or Vegan

Majority of the people source their everyday needs of protein from various forms of meat and other animal products such as chicken, fish,...
Foods For Muscle Mass & Size Gain

What Food To Eat For Gaining Muscle Mass & Size

For building muscle mass & gaining muscle strength, working out and weight training are not enough. As a matter of fact,...
Dumbbell Deadlifts For Seniors & Beginners

How To Do Dumbbell Deadlifts For Beginners & Seniors

The dumbbell deadlift exercise mainly targets your hamstrings (back of your thighs), glutes, lower back & spine.
Daily Protein Needs

Why & How Much Protein Do You Need?

A day after I cleared the Personal Fitness Trainer certification course from ISSA (in first attempt securing 97% marks), I...
What & When To Eat For Performance & Recovery

What & When To Eat For Performance & Recovery?

We all are aware that what we eat is of great consequence for a robust immune system, good health, and to provide energy for performance & recovery from workouts. Proper...
Dieticians Secret Foods

7 Secret Foods That Dieticians Eat To Stay Fit & Healthy

Whenever I meet a nutrition expert, I make it a point to ask what his or her favorite food is?...
Processed Food Guide

Processed Foods – Best, Better, Good & Poor Options

What do a bag of spinach, frozen burritos, canned tuna or granola bars have in common? All of them are processed foods. Though, we...