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Food Role In Muscle Building & Strength Training

Best Foods For Building Muscles & Gaining Strength

For gaining muscle and increasing strength, you require more than just working out and lifting weights. Is Workout Enough For Building Muscles & Gaining Strength! The fact is that any change in your body composition -...
Dietary-Fiber & Health

Dietary Fiber Types, Benefits & tips to Increase Fiber Intake

You've probably heard of "eat more fiber." But have you ever thought about why fiber is essential for you? In this article, you will learn (i) What is dietary fiber? (ii) Types & health benefits...
Fat Loss Strength Training vs. Cardio/aerobics

Latest Research News On Fat Loss & Cardio vs. Strength Training

If you're intending on starting a new weight loss journey but dread the thought of never-ending cardio routines & long jogs, read this article about a pioneering new research reported in Sports Medicine, which...
Best Way to Do Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls With Dumbbells-Men/Women/VIDEO

Also Known As: Arm Curls, Dumbbell Curls Targets: Mainly Biceps You will learn here, how to do bicep curls with dumbbells, bicep curls dumbbell form, its benefits, most common mistakes plus a demo video. The bicep curls dumbbell workout...
get rid of love handles

How Can I Get Rid of My Love Handles?

How to get rid of extra belly fat? No one likes having spare tires, the love handles, that bulge at the waist. It makes harder to wear your smart clothes because of the excess...
Perfect Forearm Planks

How To Do A Proper Forearm Plank – Benefits & Mistakes

Learn here what is a forearm plank, benefits of forearm planks, how to do a perfect forearm plank, most common plank mistakes and tips for beginners. What is a Forearm Plank? A forearm plank is an...
Safe Exercises For Knees

5 Safe Exercises To Keep Seniors Fit Without Hurting Knees

Many seniors want to exercise, but they struggle with knee pain. If you are having knee joint pain, can’t take the risk of jogging, running, or jumping around in a Zumba class, then this...
Knee Pushups

Knee Push Ups For Chest For Seniors & Beginners

Knee push-ups for the chest are also called “modified push-ups” or “girl push-ups.”This simple “at home” move often gets a bad rap that knee push-ups are hard on your kneecaps. But this is not...
Food To Increase Good Cholesterol

Foods To Increase Good Cholesterol (HDL)

These 12 foods will help you lower bad cholesterol & triglyceride, improve overall cholesterol levels and also HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio. What is Good Cholesterol (HDL)? When we talk about cholesterol, generally what comes to...
Is Dairy Good For Your Heart, Or Bad?

Is Dairy Good For Your Heart, Or Bad?

In this article you will learn about different types of dairy foods, their effects on heart health, how much & how often you can have dairy. The most common dairy foods we eat are milk,...