does lemon water help you lose weight
Does Lemon Juice Help With Weight Loss? No single food or beverage will bring about a significant amount of weight loss on its own. However, lemon can be useful for increasing weight loss results when consumed as part of a healthy weight-loss program, which includes a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise.

Drinking Lemon Water Helps You Lose Weight – Is it a myth or fact?

I have been approached with this question many times. Drinking lemon water is considered by many professional nutritionists as having real and tangible weight-loss benefits and helps you lose weight. In addition to having properties that are conducive to losing weight, drinking lemon water also helps in getting some of the toxins flushed out of your body and even cleansing out some of your internal waste.

How Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

1. Less Absorption Of Sugar: Lemon juice contains lots of citric acid, which on its consumption acts together with the digestive enzymes and acids in digestive track to break down food in your system. The experts claim that the high acidic content of the lemon juice can reduce the absorption of sugars from the food you eat. This results into less conversion of sugar into fat.

2. Low / Near Zero Calories Drink: The amalgamation of lemon juice and water forms a mixture that is made up of only natural ingredients – that is devoid of any kind of additives or preservatives and so very healthy for your body. It does not contain any calories, so when you drink it no or very low calories are added to your body. Imagine what will be the outcome when you replace the high caloric drinks with the lemon water. While fruits juices and most other drinks contain lots of calories, lemon water has near zero calories. So the result is obvious, when you replace other drinks with lemon water every day for months and even a year. This absence of calories that you would otherwise intake by drinking from all other kinds of drinks does help you in losing weight.

3. Reduces Hunger Cravings To Lose Weight: Lemon juice contains pectin fiber that helps in suppressing appetite and so makes you less hungry. Pectin found in lemon and other citric fruits helped Army recruits feel full longer. With this property of lowering your hunger cravings, it helps you lose weight.

4. Diuretic And Laxative Effects Of Lemon Juice And Weight Loss: Another reason for lemon juice water drink to work in reducing your weight is because lemons are diuretic in nature causing you to make a few extra trips to the toilet to get rid you of water weight. Moreover, the lemon is also widely known as a laxative. It facilitates in relieving constipation by helping you pass stools. Lemons also contribute in your body’s production of digestive enzymes by the liver, leading to less bloating and burping. These all benefits play a role in reducing some of your weight.

5. Lemon Juice Makes Better Absorption Of Calcium To Lose Weight: Increased acidity of the digestive system due to intake of lemon juice helps the absorption of calcium from the food that you eat. The absorbed calcium then in turn is stored in the fat cells. Studies have been carried out to show that the calcium increases the fat-burning ability of the fat cells.

6. Vitamin C And Weight Loss: Lemon’s high content of vitamin C also plays a humble role in weight loss. As per an article published in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition” in 2005, vitamin C is inversely related to your body mass. Many studies have observed that consuming enough vitamin C, as opposed to being vitamin C-deficient, helps your body set off a series of chemical reactions that break down your body fat for use as energy.

6. Other Benefits: Read here other benefits of drinking lemon juice, besides weight loss.

(i) Boosts immune system;

(ii) Detox your body;

(iii) Aids the digestive system;

(iv) Curbs hunger cravings;

(v) Balances pH level of your body;

(vi) Skin and beauty benefits;

(vii) Freshens your breath;

(viii) And so many others. List will go on!!

How And When To Intake Lemon Juice For Weight Loss:

(i) Warm water on a stove and let it cool down to a bearable temperature. Squeeze out juice from a fresh lemon and mix with it. Don’t use a microwave to warm water or pasteurized juice from a bottle. Best time to drink hot lemon water is in the morning when it is the best time to activate your body’s detoxifying process and its natural cleansing process as well.

(ii) Another way to lose weight is through the cleansing effect of lemon juice. Wash a lemon thoroughly, and then simply cut and add a slice of lemon to the drinking water and drink it throughout the day.

(iii) Try consuming the lemon peel for its pectin that helps in curbing your cravings.

(iv) You can also consider drinking it with other natural ingredients, such as honey. Drinking lemon Juice with honey and warm water first thing in the morning is a good way to detox your body and set conditions conducive to losing weight.


Lemon juice can be hard and erode the enamel of your teeth. With prolonged use of hot lemon water, your teeth can wear out up to the gums. To avoid this risk, consider sipping hot lemon water through a straw so that it does not touch your teeth.

Although hot lemon water causes to gear up conditions that are favorable to weight loss, this home remedy cannot be a substitute for eating well and exercising, nor does it take the place of the advice of your health care provider. Drinking hot lemon water is not a magic solution. Although it does not melt away the pounds, but it does contribute in losing weight.

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